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Try calling the Nashville Center for Homeopathy. We've seen Carol there, and she is great.
My MIL gave me this one for my birthday. I love the size of the jars, and that they are made of glass. Honestly though, I still haven't mastered the thing - my old way of doing yogurt in mason jars placed in a stock pot on top of a heating pad and wrapped in a towel made better yogurt. But this one is easier and doesn't take up as much counter space.
Quote: Originally Posted by audsma I made jam out of peaches, and although the recipes called for a lot of sugar, I realized by taste that my jam didn't need any. Put in sugar to taste if you are making jam. If you're going to lower the sugar in a jam recipe, just be sure to use Pomona's Universal Pectin, or use a "cooked down" recipe. If you use regular Certo or Sure-Jell and don't use the correct amount of sugar it won't jell properly.
Hi and welcome! I'm in Nashville too, on the East side of things.
I have to agree that the Diva cup takes some time to get used to. And if it was uncomfortable, that it was not properly in place or it was the wrong size. The first cycle I used my Diva I was literally in tears trying to get the thing in place correctly, get it OUT without making a mess etc. I came really really close to chucking the thing, but I'm stubborn, and now it's SO easy to use - and no mess. As far as public restrooms go, I just empty it out in the toilet if...
I'm sorry to see you go - I always enjoy reading your posts. I wish you peace.
Quote: Originally Posted by boadhagh (Mods, please don't think I'm a posting grumblesaur; I just want to share .) Part of what I find difficult with the new posting guidelines is the stringency of the moderated off-topic posting because, for me, many posts are not only placed one place or another because of subject (or topic) but also because of tone and feeling. For example, I love the slow and thoughtful threads in the Spirituality forum, but if I...
People are constantly misspelling my husband's name - it's Marc with a "c", but even his OWN FAMILY spell it with a "k" sometimes (although thankfully his mother never has!). It drives him batty!
Quote: Originally Posted by thismama Dood. This is like, a serious downer. Isn't it gonna sort of kill the spirit of TAO? TAO is for off the cuff, spur of the moment, sometimes super silly stuff. Look at the list of threads in there now. If you were the OP, are those the kind of threads you'd submit for mod approval? I know I wouldn't! It brings such an air of seriousness to the forum. I think it sucks!! Reconsider, pretty please? I can't say it...
I just want to subscribe to this to see if anyone has tried this. We use it for our chickens, and also sprinkle it around the yard, but I've never thought of taking it myself. I'm interested to see where this thread goes.
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