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Just a thought... Is he hungry? My dd was growing like crazy and hungry and night when we night weaned so we kept bananas by the bed
I've only been nursing for just under 3.5 years straight. But I haven't slept in that time except for one night and now my ds 16 months is getting molars and grinding on my boob all night. I kerp trying to wait until at least 18 months. Lucky for me he is starting full time daycare the end of this month. I agree with a pp who said keep them busy, lots of mama dates, park dates , story time, and I find the days and nights I nurse on demand I am ready to entirely wean and...
Sorry missed this you can always PM me
Just wanted to let anyone who was following this know that things are still hard but are better. We are out if the shelter, have my own place with the kids, I am learning how to work things out as a single mother. Ds's reflux disappeared almost immediately upon separation. There's still do much else going on including a lot if court stuff but we are safe and ok and I have a few good support people.
How is everyone doing? I want to join in... My ds is only 15 months and I only fully weaned dd in November but I'm a single mother now, with only 3 hours break a week. Ds was barely nursing until this month so I was on the fence but now he's nursing 5-10 times a night and I just can't do it. Dd is very high needs and getting assessed for Mild ASD/ADHD etc.... I need support I need to hear it is ok to want to wean... I haven't enjoyed bf since ds was about 4 mo I told...
Wow... I'm about to give up on mothering.com
Anybody? I'm barely getting through the day here. When I tried the celexa I felt like I couldn't lift my arms to pick up my son and felt in a total fog. Yes I know two days is not long enough to test it but the public health nurse thought it was a weird reaction
Ok. I need some ideas and maybe sympathy/support. I have been dealing with ppd off and on since I had dd 3 years ago, now my youngest is 13 months. In that time, I've moved (twice across country, 11 times total) while pregnant and with an infant and toddler. My dh committed some crimes and just before this I started realizing that what I was dealing with was not just in my head/me being crazy as he said but emotional abuse which was growing closer to physical abuse. In...
I'm in a serious situation and will be going to the shelter. There's a lot I really can't write on here and really didn't know until now. He has been charged and by the nature if it I won't be repairing my relationship. Please be thinking of me everyone, and please be understanding and know pp I was not at all trying to be rude, just describing my situation on do little sleep. I don't think I can post anymore.
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