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... This felt too vulnerable after all ESP with all the views and no replies.
aghhh...I'm newly separated but dh and I were in a dry spell for years, I know it's silly there is so much else going on right now but I'm devastated at losing the possibility of anything other than solo for a while (I have an 8 mo and 2.5 yo I tandem nurse) I think I ahve a really high drive I've been squelching for dh for years and I've been trying os hard to be patient but now knowing I can't do that with him and would be unlikely to get involved with anyone...
well...might as well throw this thread out. Due to a family emergency of sorts, I'm now separated from my dh, living in one room with the kids at my mom/dad's house, applying to welfare and possibly about to go bankrupt. great fun.
Sigh, and hugs, I could have written this post. You're not alone, though at this point I've fit an appointment with a psychiatrist to explore meds, a few pills for anxiety emergencies, and an seeing a counsellor regularly. The more support you can get the better you'll feel.
Love his thread we are trying to go paleo due to major digestive issues in the kids, and myself and the kids can't tolerate most beans/lentils except green/yellow string beans occasional and hummus. So we're finding our bill getting high too! As a former vegetarian I am used to pasta, lentils etc. rounding out meals
Please don't flame me, but my ds was like this too (also not gaining well, and had silent reflux though) and my LC suggested a cup with expressed milk. If you're really concerned you could try that if you pour it into a regular cup it shouldnt't be a huge problem, you could just do enough until you know you can lay down with her again.
I am exhausted yes, ds has a great pediatrician and we've done EEG, elimination diets (with both my reflux kids for most of their lives) honeopathy, herbs which are making everything better, as well as chiro isteopathy, naturopath and I'm always doing so much research we are gradually working towards trying GAPS not better enough iykwim. I am having a super hard time fInding childcare. There is a major shortage in my area, the babysitter I just found just got a 40-50...
I'm feeling much the same way with my 2.5 yo and 8 mo. It's crazy. I'm nursing both. My dh is working all the time. You're not alone!
We figured out a little compromise where he does what he wants uninterrupted for 15 mins, and he swears he won't just keep doing something that makes ds scream bloody murder, and I butt out. If he's still crying at tw end of 15 mins he will take him out in the carrier which pretty much always works. I have my doubts, but he actually came to newish the idea. Usually I have to solve these things. And I think he gets how uncool the screaming and domineering stuff was...
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