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I have heard there is a new test done with urine for PKU...sounds crazy but if you know anything about EC, it's pretty easy to catch a pee for this and send to a lab. Not sure where or mroe details, my midwife is looking into it for me.
love the idea of emmanuel as a middle name and milo asa, don't know that dh would like that combo as neither is on his list
Lol, I have very very bad associations...I used to work in many kid's programs as a manager...no jareds or Aarons! ahhh... I like more uncommon names as well, but yeah sound wise it is good...I just can't shake the memories! lol
a little disappointed no one had a single idea...anyway I picked one after 5 hours of research. I got a fishy pool here:http://www.preciousarrows.com/category_s/34.htm for 30$ then 35$ shipping (yikes!!). I found nothing the right dimensions in Canada. there was one on amazon for 999.99 (a joke!!?) and a few on ebay for slightly more. There was another company that also sold them but for a bit more. I also got the waterbirth supplies kit from here:...
hi Ladies, so I ahd a birth pool booked for here, but now we are movingto another province! I may even have to FLY out a friend who is studying midwifery in orde rto have an HBAC...I'd really like a birth pool but no one rents them or has them anywhere near me...and $$ is a major factor with this being our second move and DH is about to be unemployed, we'reliving with my parents etc.   Is there anything like this infamous fishy pool that would work that I can find...
"Saren" means joy and "seren" means star in welsh i think. Mico is the name ofsomeone we know adn we like it...it really depends when we see him, i never would have thought to saddle our child with my daughter;s name until I saw her and then it seemed the onyl thing that fit (it's a bit long and very fiesty, but almost everyone loves it and says it suits her) But yeah I think Mica(h) and Sorren are the favs so far. You know Micah Rainer does sound good together but now...
Penelope Saariyah (for a boy it is muslim and means : clouds at night) way too many mispronounciations and misspellings etc. but it is beautiful IMO) Cove... too..i dunno,but i like it
I like "hello baby" http://www.amazon.ca/Hello-Baby-Jenni-Overend/dp/1845071107/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1322877669&sr=8-1   dd is 21 mo and she likes it. It portrays homebirth and breastfeeding. I don't find it too graphic, but I narrate it myself (now the mommy is pushing baby, everyone is rubbing her back etc.) is shows baby crowning but not too graphically, thedrawings are quite beatiful and soft. dd loves it
I like Hazel too and: Aysel – Turkish origin, meaning “moonlight” is pretty Rosa Beatrice were also on our list but we're having a boy:) Victoria? many of the previously mentioend are awesome Lily was on our list for our daughter. Lillian
both dh an I would probably be willing to use ones off of each other's lists for middles if they go well with the first, but are not keen on them for firsts.
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