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I have a question. I had a us the other day. They saw follicles on my ovary. She said you can always see them. Is that true?
Still bip for me. Although my desire is returning.
Pilates. I was able to quit using a pessary after doing 6 mo of pilates and yoga.
It will be different for different people with different sensitivities, intolerances, or malabsorption syndromes. For us, and our fructose malabsorption, 3 days is good. Except for remineralizing teeth or rebalancing systems etc. That takes longer.
Food intolerances are different than allergies and can cause malabsorption issues. My children have fructose intolerance. The first sign they ate something they shouldn't have is dark circles around their eyes. The gastroenterologist called then "allergy shiners". The second sign is irritability and frenzied running around. Then they have potty accidents. That night they have sleep issues. It all goes away after 3 days of avoiding their trigger foods.
I made pfs out of old t shirts. I used old flannel receiving blankets for the absorbent part. All the leftover pieces of t shirt I cut up to make kleenex.
I have had cysts. Have one on each side right now. Most of the time I just get pinching pains. No big deal. But one time it hurt so bad I went to the er. They wouldn't give me anything or do anything. It was over quick.
the mini pill changed my milk. it was weird. it had less fat it seemed.    lam- i read the rules and then just followed my kids lead. we do not nap together but i will kick back in the arm chair to hold him for one whole nap (about an hour) a day while i enjoy tv. he goes a couple hours in between nursing sometimes. and we co-sleep. i still dont get it back until 21 mo. i am hoping it works that way this time too. 
i felt that way a couple of months before i got mine back. maybe it is just hormones preparing to gear back up
hello!! still charting a bip. only 4 mo pp anyway. probably wont have anything happen until 20 mo pp or so. so i am just hanging out keeping up with everybody and trying to figure out my next move. 
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