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    that is funny bc i have been eating pineapple for days, took a bumpy car ride yesterday, and am scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees this afternoon. i have been drinking rrl tea and taking epo every night. i even tried to get dh to contribute to the eviction. lol. no dice. this kid is stubborn and says no way. then goes on about hiccuping and getting bigger and giving me more stretch marks. 
aww how sweet and adorable. congratulations mama!
Did anybody get an energy burst a couple of days or the day before going into labor?    i dont have it. lol. but i was hoping that if i got it that it would be a sign. i am mopping the kitchen and bathroom floor on my hands and knees today but i dont feel all energetic about it. more like hyped up on sugar bc my husband bought me some snickers candy and i cant sit still type of energy.    on a cute note, out of my 4 pregnancies, this is the first time my belly...
  that is true, but i am not holding my breath. lol. tomorrow is my oldest (and only other son)'s bday. he will be 17!
it would have been cool, but no solstice baby this time. lol. i am 39 weeks today though and the midwife is dropping off the birth pool this afternoon. my DH still thinks i will go to July 4th which is 41 weeks for me. we'll see. :)
i had a med free birth last time and i am still nervous this time. last time wasnt so bad. didnt hardly hurt at all except for a couple of places, but i am afraid this one is bigger and might come posterior. a doula is a good thing. they will help relieve your fears and calm you when you need it and provide counter pressure when you need it.    this is what we are made to do. we can do it and it will happen. every thing you feel and every way you move is the way our...
i was still 2 cm and 80% on fri when the ob checked me. they wont be checking me anymore though. i tested pos for gbs and i dont want them to shove it up in there any farther. kwim? i am 38 weeks and 5 days today according to my edd by my first tri us which puts me due the 27th. i am going by that bc the i went by that with all the others and it makes me feel consistent. lol. according to o date though i am due the 30th.    i am so ready to meet this baby. i have...
ugh. i am almost 39 weeks. i could have this baby any moment. i am already 2 days farther than the last kid and almost to how long i was with the one before that. i have been reading but havent felt like posting. i am real tired lately. not only from the hormones but from the heat. today is the hottest day of the year here. 95 deg with a heat index of 100 or so. and dh calls and wants me to meet him at the park with the kids. i said no way.    the solstice is my...
38.5 here. i passed my last kids arrival time by 2 days. the one before that was 39.3 so i will see if i make it. my husband still thinks it will be the 4th of july which i will be 41. i really dont want to wait 2 or 3 more weeks. sigh. 
  that was good. thank you. very helpful. my midwife gave me instructions to alternate days of taking acv shots and clay water shots. and also to alternate garlic suppositories and acv rinses till birth. 
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