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i would not worry about having a glass (5 oz) of wine or a can of beer at all. i would continue to nurse as always and even enjoy the drink sometimes while nursing. i usually wait till baby is 6 weeks or more though. and i dont indulge in more than one, or 2 for the whole evening. 
i am having the moodiness. i go back and forth between being mad at everyone and desperately needing all kinds of affection from my husband. the poor guy. i think i am driving him nuts. he doesnt know what to do so he withdraws more and then i cry bc i dont feel loved or needed. then he tries to apologize but i get all upset bc he withdrew in the first place. i dont know how much longer i can take this. or how much longer he can take this. 
no it is not working. however, he made it out of gemini and into cancer. lol. so not going to be a gemini like me and ds1. lol.    my husband says the 4th of july, 9lbs, and red hair. that is next week when i will be 40.5 or 41 weeks depending on what due date you use. i will let you know if he is right.    much love to everybody! i havent been getting on alot or staying on for too long. i have either been resting or cleaning. 
my midwife told me to do garlic suppositories every other night. to do avc rinses every 4 days. to do shots of calcium betonite clay twice a day every other day and to do probiotics by mouth the other days. 
i was having a hard time accepting it. but i am almost to my due date now and getting scared about the newborn period. i remember how hard it was and how it put distance between my husband and me. now i am looking forward to this being the last baby. i am looking forward to them all being old enough to not be reliant all the time, to do their own thing, and for me to do stuff by myself. i am super excited to meet this new one, to bf this new one, and to love this new one...
my first tri dating us due date is tomorrow. but my o day due date isnt until sat. i dont think i will be having a june baby after all. real early july baby maybe. this kid is so big in me. bigger than the others were. i know it will be 9 lbs and i am now convinced my husband was right and it will be a july 4th baby. i will laugh hysterically if he is spot on the money. it is only a week away. i auppose i could wait that long. it would give me time to go grocery shopping...
my due date isnt until wed. but i still feel like i will be pregnant forever. bleh. 
my kids hated the ring sling. they needed a moby or mea tai or something more structured. they always would always slide down into an uncomfortable angle.    it does get easier. about the 6 mo mark. that is when they settle down into more of a routine etc. well, for me anyway. until 6 mo it is chaos and not knowing up from down. even with the 3rd and 4th. i know that just because i have done it before doesnt mean i am a pro. bc every baby is brand new and learning...
i am now 39+2. bleh. this might be the first time i see a due date since the first kid. one day short of when i went into labor with the 5yr old. the oldest came at 42 weeks on the dot.    i am so tired of getting crampy every day and feeling like this might be the day and then nothing happens. sigh. you would think after 3 kids already that i would know not to be able to expect when it will happen. 
 thought i didnt want a waterbirth and then changed my mind last week. i am gbs+ and after reading i found some stats that show that waterbirth reduces transmission. so between that and hibiclense i feel better. i set it up and t takes up alot of my living room. lol. this is going to be interesting. 
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