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If a particular subject is too easy or stuff he has already done, you can jump up a grade level (you have the option to jump up or down one level for any subject). When he goes into the subject area, near the top there should be 3 different numbers (corresponding to the grade level). He can click the next grade up and try those. Might be a better fit for him :)
My ds (grade 1) uses time4learning. It's interactive for him and he can do most lessons on his own while I do some housework, etc. But I am always close by to help him with reading some of the science lessons, or if he's not quite understanding something. There are printable worksheets to go along with some of the lessons. We have used them a few times, but often my son will do his lessons for the day before I get a chance to print them off, so we don't always get to...
I chose 8:30. We aim for 8pm most nights, but sometimes it takes until 8:30 by the time they are actually laying in their beds. Of course there are nights when they stay up later, but 8pm is our "normal" time. Oh and our kids are 7 and 3.
I've made a Waldorf doll for my daughter that I am quite happy with, and would like to open up "shop" selling them. But before I do that I want to have a little more experience under my belt and some more photos to add to my portfolio. Because of this I am discounting prices for the first SIX dolls only. I am expecting a 3-4 week turnaround time. (first payed, first served) All that I ask after you get your doll is that you send me a quick email review of how you like...
Very sorry to hear that Jese :(
Looks like I will probably be leaving the group. Either 2-3 week late period has shown up, or something else is going on.   Congrats to everyone, and I wish you all a happy and healthy pregnancy
lol, I'm not taking ay pics yet, I probably look 5 months pregnant already, haha! I'm carrying extra weight from my first two pregnancies, and for some reason I carry my fat like I carry babies, so it looks like a baby belly already :( Hoping that will help me to hide it for a while though :)
I know what you mean! My ring has been tight lately, so I've taken it off and it's been in the cupboard for almost a week now!I feel "naked" not wearing it and I would really like to put it back on, but it just feels too uncomfortable right now :(
- peeing ALL the time right now - heartburn/indigestion last night - bleeding gums (I hardly ever have bleeding gums when brushing normally, but have the last couple days) - twinge/cramp like feelings, but no AF
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