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It's safe to can tomatoes alone in a BWB with the addition of lemon juice or citric acid per accepted guidelines. Tomatoes can vary wildly in acidity so the addition of some acid is always recommended now. (It's not safe to BWB can the OP's recipe because of the many low-acid veggies--the pH could be high enough to allow for botulism.). You can also find tested tomato sauce recipes in the Ball Blue Book that are appropriate for water bath canning.I thought the reason...
My 3.5 year old stopped nursing when I was about 18 weeks pregnant, mostly because it was not fun for either of us at that point...it was excruciatingly painful for me and she could tell.  :(  When the baby came, she expressed interest only once or twice in nursing again, and I let her try, but she made a face and ran away after a few seconds.  She is now four and I think she's done for good.  She will drink expressed milk in a bottle sometimes but won't nurse.
For AI2 systems like Grovia and Flip, I like to have three inserts per shell/cover.
Nope! just toss 'em in as is. Isn't it great? as long as you are EBF there is no need to rinse.
I've heard that Bummis are the softest ones. I personally have Imse Vimse and they work fine. you can even wash them if they are just wet and reuse them.
I use weehuggers covers but I don't have any of their inserts. I use either Flip inserts (both the organic and the stay dry) or trifolded or even snappi'ed prefolds. Grovia covers have a mesh lining and a snap in insert.
Definitely check out the Flip diaper system and also Grovia. I think Flip would suit your needs the best, though. You could also prestuff your covers with trifolded prefolds rather than pinning or snappi'ing. I usually do this in the morning or when I fold laundry--just grab a few covers and lay in a trifolded prefold. That way I can just grab the whole thing when I go to change the diaper. The Flips are super trim, especially with the stay dry insert.
Elecampane, Eleanor, April 28th
My baby is quite a bit younger, but she sleeps fantastically at night...like 6-8 hours at a stretch...and not so well during the day, most days. Like twenty minutes here and there. I honestly never thought of there being any connection with my antidepressant...interesting... What time of day do you take your antidepressant? At night? I take mine first thing in the am and I wonder if that's why she sleeps better at night?
I pay $50 a day for an in home daycare and that's cheap for my area. The rate is the same for all ages.
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