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Cradle holds in any sling or carrier freak me out, so I just use upright carries in the moby wrap.
I wear my eight week-old upright in a silk ring sling mostly. I think I will get or make a gauze wrap soon, though. The moby makes me want to cry it's so hot, but I love the freedom it affords me.
Quote: Originally Posted by snoopy5386 so I am sick with who knows what?? Last night my muscles and joints started to ache really bad, continued this morning and today and now I have a fever too. Otherwise I feel fine?? I've got no idea what is wrong with me - my only thought is Lyme disease which should be oh so fun. DD1 had it last june the same week we were supposed to go on vacation. We are supposed to go on vacation on Monday.....I'll be going to the...
Can I join in? I added you as a contact, rhi, I'm knoxsanne.
We started back up at 6 weeks exactly even though I haven't seen the midwife yet. It was not bad at all! I was so surprised. I was expecting horrible pain and it was just a little bit of mild stinging, no big deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama In a different sort of way, I have. I'm not pregnant again (it's impossible since we haven't had sex since before Cecilia was born), but I feel "the baby" move and kick all. the. time. It's like because I want to be pregnant again, my body's pretending I am. Oh, I had those feelings too after my first (but not this time, wonder why?). I felt those phantom movements for months and I thought about a new...
I have one of those babies too. I find it's worse in the evenings. Usually during the day she is amenable to hanging out in the swing or bouncy seat for five to ten minutes while I make coffee, shower, etc. But after her afternoon nap forget about it. She requires being held at all times until bed and it's exhausting, especially as the evenings are so busy. My baby doesn't care to be worn while awake, either, so that hasn't helped me at all. I hope that gets better...
I didn't get my period back until DD1 was 23 months and it took exactly a year after that to get pregnant. My cycles were super short that whole year--like 21-23 days. I took vitex, B6, and evening primrose oil the last few months before I finally conceived. Honestly I think what did it was being apart from my (avid three year old) nursling for a weekend. I don't think I would have ovulated otherwise. Posted via Mobile Device
have you tried swaddling? That is the magic bullet for my five week old. At least yesterday it was! Posted via Mobile Device
Hugs mama. I just went through this myself. My DD passed meconium in the womb, had one huge mec poop the night after she was born...and then nothing until day 5. I was so incredibly stressed. When she did poop it was normal yellow bf poop. I took her to the ped on day 3 and then again for a weight check on day 5 (before the poop happened) and she gained 5 ounces in those two days so it was clearly not a milk intake issue. I think some babies just absorb more. As long as...
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