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Thirsties all-in-ones and Kushies all-in-ones (which i got for practically nothing at a mom-to-mom sale; they aren't too bad, actually) as well as disposables overnight and for outings. I have 14 of the all-in-ones so just about enough for an average day. I want to branch out into prefolds and covers but DH is not enthralled with the idea of my buying any more diapers at present.
During the day, "boppy" hold (love that term!). At night, side lying. Posted via Mobile Device
congratulations, Silverspook!
Quote: Originally Posted by sew_crafty_girl Should I be giving the baby vitamin D? I forgot to ask midwife. I haven't with any of my kids and don't live in a sunny area. my pediatrician recommends vitamin d from birth now. It used to be starting at two months but they changed it, I guess.
Yes! My baby does this at least a few times a day. I don't think I have a forceful letdown either. I have a ped appt Monday; will be asking about it then. It's so horrible to watch. My mom saw it happen yesterday and was totally freaked out.
Oh, LNF, many many . Praying for you and Mercy.
Quote: Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate Happy Mother's Day, ladies! Now, I want to see at least, oh, FOUR Mother's Day babies! Go, babies, go! Y'all have overstayed your uterine welcome! Ditto! Happy Mothers' Day to all of us!
Happy Mothers' Day, everyone!
Congrats, Rachel! And re: the difficult labor...I can relate. I still can't even really think too much about mine over a week out. Niall is such a great name, too! I love all of your kids' names.
Just dropping in by to offer and lots of ELV for you mamas. Not much longer now!
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