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Hi ladies. I fear I am jinxing myself by saying this but I think I'm getting off soonish, too. Lots of bloody show and painful regular contractions since midnight last night. DH and I just took a walk and boy can I relate to the icepick feeling. Ouch. I guess my cervix is weak and not up to the challenge! Relaxing in a hammock sounds divine right now. Much better than labor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shazer Macolm Lysander born 4/25 Weight 8 lbs 6 oz 20.5" long Hospital transfer and c/s Both mom and baby are well He nurses like a champ Congratulations!
I'm so very, very cranky today. It is my due date (going by my dates, not my mw's fwiw) and I am just feeling very sorry for myself since I have absolutely no sign of ever having this baby. I had to work all day then come home and make dinner, clean, etc., all the usual drudgery, too. I wish I could have even a couple of days transition...time to focus on my baby and my family and not work, but alas it is not to be. that house sounds amazing, loveneverfails. I'll...
Quote: Originally Posted by sanguine_speed Not sure if it's available in the US, but Dr. Newman has a nipple ointment that can be compounded at pharmacies and prescribed by midwives. I used that too in addition to the other efforts. It has antifungal in it, in addition to others: http://breastfeeding.about.com/od/ni...iplenipple.htm It's available here, you do have to get it from a compounding pharmacy. It's good stuff. I actually had a...
wow, great job! congratulations! I'm so happy you got your HBAC!
Yay Sara! Congratulations on your new baby girl!
Reporting for duty! Nary a mucus plug in sight! Rachel, I hope your aunt's baby does well--sounds like a scary situation. And I totally relate to how you are feeling. I know several people due this week or later and I've been watching with dismay as one by one their babies come. And here I am, still pregnant, having to get up to go to work tomorrow yet again. Ugh. I only have two decent outfits that fit, too; it's so humiliating to show up day after day in the same...
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