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Quote: Originally Posted by sanguine_speed Best wishes, mama!! And I don't think the wine was meant to slow down your labor as much as help you relax . agreed. how exciting...elv to you!
Good luck, Sara!
Yay! Congrats and welcome baby Irene!
Quote: Originally Posted by dogretro Hey, all, I done had me a baby yesterday! I am going to make an announcement thread, but I couldn't wait to tell you! 40+5, not too shabby! congratulations!!
Hi, ColwynsMommy! I'm in the same boat as far as having foolishly joined the April DDC with a late April edd. But the April ladies rock, so I'm glad to be here! I know what you all mean by the subconscious holding you back from labor. I am feeling that too...for me it is work stuff holding me back. I am not ready to leave work yet, too much stuff to wrap up (not that I want to--but I must), and I really feel that my body is listening to that. Or maybe it's just...
Congrats! And cool name!
Quote: Originally Posted by loveneverfails Burritos, steak-ums, lunchmeat for sandwiches, eggs. Oh, I love steak-ums, I completely forgot about them. I wish you hadn't said that...
Quote: Originally Posted by loveneverfails Today's labor induction method: Since walking isn't working, let's try walking with a toddler in the back carry on your Mei Tai! Ooh, I'd be up for that if only to have the excuse to go buy a mei tai at long last! would an ergo count? I work full time and maternity leave is managed through my company's short term disability policy. They called me today to ask me when my last day of work would be. ...
Aww, that really stinks, Sara. I hope you get over the bug FAST and can get on to labor. What rotten timing.
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