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Quote: Originally Posted by loveneverfails Once you hit that point, you're within 6 days normally. So, good luck! Oh, don't get my hopes up! maybe I will get my May Day babe after all... Nah, I wouldn't be so lucky. Quote: Originally Posted by loveneverfails Go for it, Sara! LEAVE THE GOLDEN BIRTHING STOOL TO ME!!! I think my chances are looking pretty good for being the last preggo standing. I realize...
I use it interchangeably with tuna, so think tuna casserole, salade nicoise, etc.
congratulations! What a beautiful name!
so happy you got the birth you wanted! congrats!
yay, congratulations!
BIG announcement is right! Congrats!
Quote: Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate Throwing up - piddly contractions. If this is a stomach bug, I'm going to be pissed. Decided to post updates on twitter, just in case. www.twitter.com/welcomebabye Hoping that this is it for you, Sara! I've been MIA for a while but hello again ladies. It's odd but I'm feeling better, almost normal, for the first time in a while. Like I've gotten used to my huge, unwieldy body if that makes...
Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your birth story. Henry is one of my favorite names, too!
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