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Congratulations, and wow, 11 pounds! wtg mama!
Congratulations! And loved your birth story!
Quote: Originally Posted by rolenta Man, this DDC is a sausage factory. Well, I'm supposedly having a girl, so I can help even things out. Eventually.
Oh, . I feel the same way. I'm totally convinced that something is horribly wrong. I've had some weird things happen so it makes perfect logical sense to me. For me I need to stay far, far away from Dr. Google. Problem is I can't seem to tear myself away! Please try to relax, and I'll try to take my own advice, too. Not too much longer now and all will be revealed. And then we can worry about a whole new universe of things, right?
Congratulations, lastrid! I love the name Declan!
Congrats! What an amazing story. It gives me chills. I'm so glad you followed your intuition and that everything turned out okay. I didn't even know the placenta could detach in the first place.
I'm 36 weeks and for the past week my leukorrhea has more or less disappeared. I thought if anything it was supposed to increase in the third trimester? I do have a yeast infection, don't know if that's related, but there is nothing at all, really. Not that I mind of course--just thinking it's strange. Anyone else noticed this?
My BH definitely show up on the monitor (ask me how I know, ha ha). I have been having minute long BHs every three minutes for going on three days now and it's just so exhausting. I assume they are BH because they don't get worse or more intense and there is no discharge or anything out of the ordinary. I bet I'm not even a fingertip dilated. I try to ignore it but man, it's had to get through the day and night like this. I'm not due until the end of the month, either, so...
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