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Quote: Originally Posted by rainbowmoon I have a friend with a daughter named Lyra and they pronounce it "Lear-a". That's the way I pronounce it.
Generally speaking I see hand-me-downs as gifts, not loans. I can think of a couple of exceptions, when my sister gave us an expensive coat and accessories (Rothschild) for my daughters to wear as they grew into it. I will be returning that one. I've never had anyone try to return hand-me-downs to me, and I've never expected it. If you expect to get clothes back, I think you should make that clear up front.
I voted "other," but the way I pronounce it is closer to the second choice than the first.
My first two children had all or almost all vaccinations recommended by the pediatrician's office, on schedule. (I remember refusing the rotavirus vaccination, but can't remember if that was with my second child or my third.) I delayed some and refused others with my third child, and had measles, mumps and rubella vaccines given as separate shots. When the school tells me they need boosters, I take them for blood work to test for immunity.
We haven't seen it yet, but we will if it's still around over Memorial Day weekend. I've heard good things from people who have seen it.
My older daughter is a big fan of Allison, and I like Kris, Danny and Matt. (My younger daughter is basically along for the ride.) I'm not sure it's really worth the ticket price in that other people we don't really care about will take up a lot of stage time, but I think it will be fun! My daughters have never been to a concert, not even the Wiggles. I really wish we could see Alexis instead of Scott or Megan. We'll have to use earplugs for those two.
Are you less than happy with the house, or something about its location? Are you just not that attached to it? I don't recall having dreams set in my current house, and I've been here 7 years. I have very mixed feelings about it and would sell it in a heartbeat if we could.
Formal, but not exactly the type described in the first choice on the poll. We didn't have quite that many guests, for starters. The wedding party was in formal dress (black tie/floor length dresses), but the guests were in less formal clothes. We had about 125 guests. The wedding was in a church; the reception was at a country club (friends of the family are members, so that's how we got in), with a buffet and open bar and band. (Our first dance song was recorded,...
I just bought tickets for the AI top ten tour. My daughters and I are very excited!
Quote: Originally Posted by shaywyn But, I really do hear a country edge sometimes when he sings. I actually think he would make a very good country singer. Noooooo. :
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