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My almost 4 month old son has grown out of all his small dipes and covers. I have been using fitted dipes and bummi whisper wraps I was given. I just got a bunch of split crotch pants http://ez-ec.com/?page_id=3 and I need to buy new covers and dipes. I bought some prefolds made into fitteds for night time because if we do have a miss they are easy to get on and off in the dark. In the daytime I am out and about a lot with older kids and need something to throw on when...
why flats vs prefolds and how do you fold them(flats)? they seem like a lot of work for ec. i need fast. ds 3 months has grown out of all the fitteds (green mountain infant fitted) we were given. everything i have so far was handed down to me. thinking of buying 6 fitted for nighttime as he does not want to be peed at night. snug to fit green mountain diapers or thirsties??? i change him the two times he pees each night. really like trim as possible and wool covers....
How funny! Was just coming on here to say I have a UTI! It took a 5 days to get the culture back. Had to do antibiotics but taking lots of good stuff too to keep my immune system going. I am a new woman today!
I am taking skullcap, valerian, passionflower and cramp bark every 15 minutes when the contrax come more than 2-3 an hour and every few hours otherwise. staying in bed or sitting as much as possible. drinking lots of water. I am bored but finding things to do. reading, sorting papers on the bed, a little computer time here and there. i've had horrible heartburn for a few days now. eating celery, papaya enzyme and lemon in my water. better today. I am mostly worried...
anyone else want to chime in? I am also due July and am trying to decide between the two gypsy wraps (bali breeze or bali stretch) or a sleepywrap. I have an ella roo wrap but i'm thinking it will be to hot to use befor Oct/Nov. I also saw this loveyduds wrap but don't know how well it's made or how it compares. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php...ng_id=21735062 http://www.loveyduds.com/baby_wrapscarriers
I registered at http://www.thethingsiwant.com/
I am also wondering how they compare. I'm due in July and wonder if sleepywrap is cooler.
I have been feeling a few big movements. They make me soooo happy I tear up! Heard the heartbeat on Wednesday. It took a bit to find it and I was freaking! I am having a level 2 ultrasound on the 11th I will be 19w1day that day. I am so excited not nervous at all. I can't wait to prove to my dh it's a girl. Of course if i'm wrong he will make fun of me for ever! Glad you all are doing well!
Please please please check out the book Painless Childbirth. I can't explain it but my fear is gone after reading just the first few chapters. I really wish she had called it something else...http://www.joyinbirthing.com/ I feel healed. I went from living in constant fear to really enjoying my pregnancy and believing everything is going to be ok.
I am trying to think of what I might really want or need this time around. I'm not coming up with much but I know over the years I have thought to myself gosh THAT would have been amazing to have. I am having a summer baby so I probably won't need many clothes. With my first three I was given so much I really could have lived without. I want to keep things really simple this time but would also love to have a few things I always wanted but for the life of me can't remember...
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