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Quote: Originally Posted by jecombs Here's a link to Dr. Gordon's method, if anyone is interested: http://www.drjaygordon.com/development/ap/sleep.asp Thanks for the link. I have seen this before...just not convinced that ds will give it up that easy. I feel like he would cry for hours...or literally ALL night, but maybe I am wrong. DH and I have talked about it before recently, I am just not sure yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Carita Now that he is a year - I'd work on solids, instead of limiting nursing directly, because it sounds like he is a growing boy!!! If you can't make it happen, I would get a referral to an OT - maybe they can help with possibel texture,etc issues. Thanks for the suggestion... What is an OT?
So here is the scoop... My 13 mo ds nurses between 8-15 times a night on average (that is just duringthe 8 hrs that I am sleeping in the bed with him. He also nurses every hour...sometimes more... throughout the day. Needless to say, I am beet as this has been going on for over a year now. He has never been too into solids, but is slowly comming to eat more of them. On a good day now I can get him to swallow two mouthfulls. The rest he mouths and spits out. I have...
I dpn't have any brilliant suggestions, but I know how you feel. My ds is just over a year and I get comments all the time. Everytime ds nursed in front of my mom over the holidays she told him "you know you are too old for that." I just ignore it, but I also live an ocean away from my family most of the year, so it only comes up once in a while.
I don't think it is right to say there is only one opportunity and then it is over. My ds is 13 mo and just barely starting to get into solids the past couple months. He still really only plays with them and once in a while swallows a mouth full, but he much prefers nursing. I am confident that eventually he will eat more solids.
I just had the greatest bfing moment and had to share. My 13 mo ds came to me and signed "milk" (something he just started doing). So I picked him up and said "ok, lets have some ninis" He latched on and took a few sucks, then he poped off, put both hands on my face, pulled me to him and gave me a kiss (also something new he has started to do) and then went back to nursing. I am SO IN LOVE with him I can't even stand it!
I also have a 13 mo ds and I know what you mean. I was about 135 lbs pre-preg and am now hovering around 105 (and I am 5'6"). I have not been this thin since middle school. I eat whatever I want all day long and that seems to be helping me at least maintain the 105, but it is tough. I have been able to maintain for about 3 months now, so I am thinking it has finally leveled off. My only advice is EAT, EAT, and EAT some more. I started preparing food the night...
Update: So it continued to hurt all day yesterday and last night I started to get a fever which has remained pretty much all night. It is starting to get red too. A friend of mine here reccommended putting grated ginger and potato on the sore area? Anyone ever heard of that? I am trying it. I have also been doing heat (warm rice in a sock) and trying to get my ds to nurse nurse nurse.
Thankls for the link! It pretty much hurts on one general side. It is deep, not at the nipple. I don't see redness and except for the pain I feel good. Nursing and let down hurt, but after nursing it feels a little better.
My ds is almost 1 year and he is still about 80% nursing 20% solids (if that pertains to the situation at all). Last night I woke up and my right breast is REALLY hurting. It is sore, it hurts to touch it, and it REALLY REALLY hurts when my milk lets down. Night nursing was extra sucky last night. I do not feel any lumps (I think there would be one if there was a clogged duct, right?) I have never had a problem like this so I have no clue what is going on, but it...
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