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So my 8 mo ds has been a pretty good sleeper from day one. He wakes up to nurse--but he doesn't fuss, just finds the breast and nurses right back to sleep. We had gotten to a point around 4-5 months where he was nursin only 3 maybe 4 times from the time I put him down (around 7pm-- I get into bed to sleep with him around 10pm usually--and he doesn't wake for the day until around 6/7am the next morning). This was so great, I always felt rested, I had a couple of hours...
I had 6 pairs to start and ended up needing to get more. Now I have about 9pairs. I am a pretty heavy leaker and change them at least a couplt times a day.
I know what you mean...ds is 8 months and I still am pretty much never in the mood. I am hoping it gets better soon...thank goodness I have a pretty understanding dh, but it is hard.
Thanks so much for the idea. This is a new issue for us, so I haven't tried anything yet except letting him have a lot of time to air out, but obviously I will need to do something more than that. I read somewhere that neem oil would help, but I am not sure about that. I will definately try what you suggested, and I'll let you know if I come up with anything useful. Thanks!
We use Charlies on everything and I think it works great.
Charlies. It cleans great. I use it on everything.
My son has yeast issues & our ped reccomended Lotramin (not sure if we are going to do this for a variety of reasons--but that is another story) If we do decide to use it is this ok to use with my cloth diapers or will it build up on there?
Pocket or AIO diapers will be easier for dad and grandma to figure out...I also happen to think that they just contain everything better anyway, ESPECIALLY at night but that is just my experience.
We did not do Rota. My ped actually convinced us not to. He stopped giving it because he has seen a couple of bad reactions, so he is waiting for more research before he gives it anymore. Right now we are leaning toward no on MMR, but we are still debating that one too. We will definately at least delay and separate them, but we may just not do it at all.
I always wondered about this...I never new much about weather it was better to tear or have an episiotomy. I had a natural birth and tore and got some stitches. It did not heal well on its own at all. I went back for my 6 wk pp check up and the thought of anyone touching anything anywhere down there scared the crap out of me. The midwife took one look and said, "Oh, that's not what we were going for." and called in the OB. I ended up getting surgery to repair it (they...
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