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I feel for you. If my MIL had it her way she would have delivered ds herself. She flew to Hawaii from Cali before my due date, even though I said not to, and stayed in our house for 4 weeks! I gave birth an hour away from our home at a birthing center and refused to let her come untill the next day. She stayed about an hour, but then was there again when we got home. We had issues from the start because she get mad that after the hour long car ride home I walked...
Ds was like this and it is just now getting better about going to dh (no one else though...which is fine). I honestly think what helped the most was that I started working Saturdays, so dh takes care of ds for 9 hours (bringing him by every few hours to nurse). They are away from me, so I can't hear ds cry, and I am focused on other things. It forced dh to figure out his own ways to sooth ds, and I have really noticed ds becomming more attached to dh, even when I am...
We had a changing table but have never used it. It is currently acting as a stand for our lamp. I use the drawers and shelves as storage for toys and other baby stuff. I personally always found the bed/floor more convinient.
My ds is like this too. He LOVES to be held ALL day long, so I think it is more about being put down than anything. Switching to a convertable where he could sit upright helped us a bit, but not much. I noticed that if I sit in the back with him it is actually worse. I think it is because he can see me and can't understand why I don't pick him up (he spends the whole tie crying and reaching for me). I feel for you...it is so difficult to hear them cry so hard and not...
DS is 8 months old and I still leak like crazy. I change my nursing pads at least twice a day. Although, I will say that it has gotten a little better in the last month. I recently asked a friend this very question and she told me she leaked until her daughter weaned (around 3 years old!)...not the answer I was looking for.
I LOVE my nursing pillow and cannot imagine life without it. It saves my arms whenever ds falls asleep nursing even now and he is 8 months old. I also used it all the time to prop him up when he couldn't sit yet. An organic, wool stuffed one is a luxery that you can't find in your typical baby store.
Block feeding really helped me. Ds is 8 months old and I still go back to it every once in a while when my supply starts to get out of hand. I remember being told not to pump because it would increase supply even more. I know how frustrating it is to hand express in the middle of the night though. All I can say is ds did get better at latching onto the rock hard breasts and dealing with a forcefull letdown as he got older. Good luck!
Ds is 8 months old and I am still not sure things are "normal", but I had some bad tearing followed by 2 surgeries to try to get back to something functional...so I am just happy to make it that far.
We have a queen bed and sleep me, dh, ds and our 2 cats in it fine. We have done this since day 1. At first they would only sleep part of the night with us because of all the waking up and crying. Now (ds is almost 8 months) they sleep all night with us again but always say at our feet...they have learned to keep their distance from ds as he like to pull on their tails
We tried starting at 8 weeks and ds still has never taken a bottle (we stopped trying after a month or so. So, in the future, if I really needed baby to take a bottle I would try it earlier.
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