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My ds is Rogelio...We call him Rogelito (meaning the littler Rogelio---Dad is Rogelio too). That is 4 syllables and a challenge to pronounce. People are always asking me if we have a nickname and I just say no (because we really don't). People pretty much have just learned to say his whole name. It takes a while, but they get it and have stuck with the whole thing.
I just went back to the cafe and the sign has been removed...so someone must have said something. Yeah!
I actually am pretty discreet when NIP (by my own choice, not to please anyone else), but I guess I was just really surprised because I have never seen a sign like that. Also, in Pahoa, as someone else mentioned, it is really out of place. Also, I would like to think that if I forget my nursing cover (which I have done on occasion) that I can still feed my son. I guess I just needed to share. I emailed a photo of the sign to my bfing group (we don't have a LLL, but we...
I am not even sure what the rules are here. I have never had any issues and have been bfing my son for almost 8 months now. That is why I was so shocked. I guess it is time for me to really learn what my rights are.
I just saw a sign outside Aloha Outpost Internet Cafe in Pahoa (Big Island of Hawaii) stating: "Nursing Mothers (underlined twice)...we do respect your right to nurse your baby, however if it does become necessary for you to do so while inside we ask you to show respect for our other patrons and be discreet." I am just so shocked and angry. I have never seen anything so blatent here in Hawaii...I am still trying to wrap my head around it.
I froze an breastmilk ice cube, wrapped it in a scrap of thin organic cotton, tied to end so it wouldn't all out and ds loves it. I also freeze carrots.
I know this isn't the response you are looking for, but be happy you can put her down at all once she is asleep. Ds is 7 months old and still will only sleep on me. If I put him down he'll stay asleep for 10 minutes max. I just keep telling myself eventually he'll be ready for it and it will happen, even if it takes a couple years.
I bought a 12 pack of baby wash cloths. Usually I just use water. If I have time/feel like getting facy I throw a drop each of aloe vera, vitamin E, and tea tree oil in there. I store wipes wet. I tried dry first and sprayed baby's bottom with a squirt bottle then wiped with a dry wipe but didn't like it. I feel like the work better wet. Also, then I can warm them a little in my hands before wiping ds.
Before ds had head control it was a little harder. I had to put him right up against me, then use one arm to guide his head and the other to hold my boob, then once he was latched I would bring one arm down around his back to hold him in place. It gets easier and easier though. Now he wiggles/rolls himself into position, pulls my bra to the side if need be and latches himself on. It is great.
Ds was jaundiced, so I woke him every 3 hours until that went away and he got back to his birth weight (about 5-6 days I think). After that I stopped paying attention to the clock because I was confident he was gaining and he was healthy.
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