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I paid $400 and that included a prenatal visit, unlimited prenatal phone calls/questions, being there for the entire birth, post-birth phone calls and one visit after the birth. This was on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Thanks! I'll pass on both of those reccomendations to her.
My friend owns an eco friendly baby store and she is looking for a diaper cover with snaps to bring in. Anyone know of a good one you would reccomend? Organics are always great, but non organics are good too.
Quote: Originally Posted by footprintsbaby There are advantages and disadvantages to both...I like the velcro because it's so adjustable. Easy for anyone. But I HATE that it all sticks together in the wash. Even with laundry tabs, they don't really work. It all becomes one big tangled mess. Plus fuzzies get stuck in the velcro and you have to take the time to clean it. For this reason, I am going snaps from here on out!!! That is why we...
I have thought about home birth before I had ds and even now I consider it for the next one...but I just think I would spend the whole time worrying over the mess, my indoor only kitties getting out as someone went in and out the door, the fact that we rent and so it is actually someone els's house anyway...it just wouldn't work for us. I has ds in a birth center and it was a beautiful experience. Go with what feels right to you, and I wish you all the best!
I drove about 1hr 10 min & it was well worth it given that the only other option for me was a hospital in the town I live in that has a 40% C-Section rate! I made it no problem (though it was my first). I know that people all over the island drive there to deliver for second, third...babies and my midwife told me in all the years she has been there they only had one lady deliver in the car and it was a 3rd/4th baby...I can't remember. I think it is totally doable. ...
No way! If it's just pee it can wait until morning. Especially if the wetness isn't bothering her enough to wake her up.
I taught in Hawaii and have never heard of anything like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna My understanding is that your iron status in pregnancy is more important than during breastfeeding. Very little iron goes out through breastmilk, but they build their stores while you're pregnant. Thanks for the info. My iron levels were pretty good during pregnancy...I was eating more spinach than Popey to try to keep them up...so maybe I don't need to worry so much.
My lo HATES the carseat too. The only thing that seems to help at all is if I sing to him. He still has the "I'm about to loose it" look on his face, but the intense sobbing/screaming usually stops.
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