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I have a 3 year non-compete, with a 100 mile radius. Though my business has moved to calling them "Non-Piracy" agreements because the clause about working in the same field is near impossible to enforce, only the issue of soliciting clients. I have always had a 3 year agreement and I have worked without gap for 3 different firms over the last 15 years. They rarely seem to be an issue unless clients are solicited. I would do some more checking on the company to see if...
You will need specifics on a house to get an insurance quote. There are no averages. As far as payable monthly or yearly, that depends on the company, but most allow monthly payments to my knowledge.
That's weird, the OP is missing.
Only if there is an adoption.
Do you know how to contact him? If not Texas law allows notification by newspaper, which he probably won't see. Then you would file a petition with the court to terminate his rights, this can be done at the same time as the petition for adoption.
This is from the TX Attorney General's website If you are not married to the mother of your child, you must establish paternity – either by signing an Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) with the mother of your child or by going to court – in order to have any legal rights. A father’s name on the child’s birth certificate does not establish a legal relationship.  
I don't agree with out in the norm sex is for younger girls these days, but I also don't agree with TRYING to find the predator in every male. So I am trying to be middle of the road in my thinking.   That said, I doubt he even paid attention to what the names are. He probably walked in and saw "gift set" and that is was it, done. Probably did not even think of it as "Victoria's Secret the panty store" if he went in the separate entrance for the bath and body...
I totally agree that if your husband is not comfortable with it, then no way should you do it.   I wonder if her child is having some separation anxiety and she thinks if he sees a friend he likes going to play dates alone, it will inspire him to give it a try?
I still have it in my late 30's and have had no problems other than a small gap between my teeth. i choose the small gap over having someone cut me.
Oooh I don't agree with that at all. Doing something "fun" with everyone but him is only going to make things worse.  Also I strongly feel that shunning is cruel and never called for. Now, if everyone is doing something fun together and he starts being rude, then yes, he needs to go sit it out for a while until he can be civil. But to discipline him and THEN all do something fun that excludes him is only going to bring a world of trouble more than they already...
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