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well I finally have my first appt. Scheduled. I was going to go in at 6 weeks but our insurance wasnt set up yet. So I am scheduled for the 18 of March. I will be almost 12 weeks. So i am all excited for that now. I am moving back home in June so i will be at home for the birth so i am just seeing the same OB the whole time instead of switching. So I have to schedule my appts for when DH has drill and we go home. so 1 more month lol. Cat
smells are horrible. also keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye. everything startles me. and things need to be quiet! hugs ladies.
yes when hormones are changing it can increase your intolerances and can turn intolerances into allergies. with DS last time I couldnt have dairy and now afterwards I am allergic to gold...
Nursing is still going great for my DS and I who is almost 21 months! I cant believe he is almost two... My breasts are alot sorer but nipple pain is like a 1 or 2. milk is still there great. which is really good he has been really sick was puking and the runs and now he has a bad cough he is way pale too its sad.
I havent been yet. I am 8 weeks today! I was going to go at 6 weeks but we didnt get our insurance submitted in time so we arent covered fully untill the 1st of march. So I will be going in at about 12 weeks the weekend of the 19th. I am going to be moving back home in June and we go home once a month anyways so I am just seeing the same doctor from day one. We wont be going back home untill that weekend. But i am totally cool with it hasnt stressed me out at all this...
I have the same problem. it seems to be getting a lil better though
I am almost 8 weeks and still fit in mine great. I didnt have to get maternity till 18 weeks last pregnancy. have all my maternity ready and have tried wearing some but they are huge on me lol. but I dont buy my pants snug. although the ones that are snug are still fitting too but they are tighter in the legs.
so i have been feeling really naueaus and cruddy but it was weird figured it out saturday. having crappy heartburn. so got me some tums and have been trying to avoid food that causes heartburn an have been feeling lots better. still nasty but better. DS keeps having snot ropes has for over a week now. hope he gets feeling better!
I must look really tired. My aunt who I live with keeps asking me if i am okay.... I am not ready to tell them I am preggo yet... lol
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