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i would really suggest a protien shake in the morning or whenever you can keep it down best. low protein levels increase nausea
hugs! try different temperatures of water
I am not having problems with it being painful. Thankfully Ds is 20 months and still nurses probably 4-5 times during the day and 1-2 times at night. The thing I am really struggling with is staying hydrated! and getting enough to eat. I am really struggling with low blood sugar and lightheadedness that I really think is from the nursing.
Mine is getting worse every day! I am 6w 3d havent thrown up yet... came really close this morning. try to start off the day with a protein shake and it really helps. but then I made the mistake of eating greasy salty hashbrowns. those didnt sit so well. trying really hard to drink enough water today. with ds I was a little nauseous and things tasted different but I never was sick like this and I am not even to the worst part yet. but it means the hormones are soaring and...
Oh cramping all night so much that I was dreaming I miscarried I woke up thinking I really wasnt pregnant I am 6 wks 3 days... But I was pretty dehydrated last night. its really hard to get in enough liquids while pregnant and nursing!
It was total shortage on water so i drank some water and ate some delicious belgium chocolate and it finally went away!. and then before bed I drank another 40 ounces and didnt have to pee untill 5 am so I was definately dehydrated!
gosh this one is bad its bringing tears to my eyes and I can hardly think. its all tension
I dont feel like I have lost any of my supply recently in the beggining it went down some and I think its is still down some but it seems to be okay so far. still night nursing wont be weaning. My nipples are alot sorer and breast soreness too but not bad.
big hugs honey. just hang in there the excitement will come first trimester is hard. I was totally planning this pregnancy and wanted it more than anything and I cant believe how many misgivings I have about and second guessing myself wondering if I can do this.
Night sex again its great that hasnt happened since the first of last pregnancy and before that... but nursing and being a mom really downed my libido.
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