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Makes me think of girl
ugh I have a horrible headache this afternoon. No fun anyone else have pregnancy=headaches??
I am having some and I had absolutley none last pregnancy.
Good morning ladies. Sorry I was absent all last week. I went to see family. I am feeling wonderful cause I am feeling crappy. Its amazing what miscarriages do for your opinions on pregnancy symptoms. No puking yet but I feel pretty dang crappy in the evenings. I had to sniff peppermint to nights ago to get things to calm down. I am way tired and about 8:00 I am exhausted beyond keeping my eyes open. My nipples have gotten a little more sensitive. but my milk seems to...
I would like to sign up!
I am doing both sides as well I am due October 2nd but i love to see where I am going to be at. I did the same with DS he was due on the 1st and born on the 1st
I am having lots of these. and I am not even 6 weeks yet!
oh yes pregnancy shoots my libidio through the roof. Love it!
I keep feeling crappier everyday more tired and my boobs and nipples keep getting sorer. But everytime I actually think about it it just makes me so happy!! Cause that means things are progressing like they should. I had a dream last night about twin boys... that would be crazy.
We have agreed on one name so far lol Madelyn Rose
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