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How exciting!! Congrats on your Pregnancy! Sticky dust for you!
How many people live in your town? Whats your favorite thing to do a family? Who does the cooking and cleaning? Is fishing your husbands job?
I became a SAHM 3 months pregnant with my DS and will remain such. I love being a tay at home mom.
hugs I am so sorry hun that is so hard!!
hugs mamma
holy cow that poem made me bawl!
I am sitting here holding my stomach right now cause my hands are cold and my belly is hot.
I am 4w 4d and I have grown at least one cup size possibly too. Dh is very happy about that. I think my milk supply has cut a little more I think I am going to go buy some mothers milk tea today. Took my last pregnancy test today lol. Its a digital and it didnt even take it a minute to come up as pregnant! DS is starting to sleep alot better at night... maybe its because I am sleeping alot deeper. maybe its me that has been waking him up who knows but I am loving the sleep!
did you get your results back??
Hugs that is so hard!
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