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I have no clue when I am going to come. I may actually be one of the later ones. because my LMP puts me at June 1. but I had implantation bleeding when I ovulated adn that is what my baby is measuring at and my belly. and babies in my family dont measure ahead. My mom has said from the beggining that I will have this baby the week of the first. But if he is born at 37 weeks (unlikely) that is last week of april. I just cant wait to hold my little man! Cat
okay thanks they usually arent painful, but i have lost bits of my mucus plug already and have a little bit at a time for the last four weeks. None blood tinged just a gooey green mucus stuff. It really freaked me out at first. Also I a pretty sure he is head down. But not engaged I dont think. But once again I just dont know. I see my doctor on tuesday hopefully he does a more in depth appt.
I am just wondering this is my first pregnancy and I worry alot. How many BH is to many in an hour??? cat
I have been working on the babies room all weekend. Its getting painted and I shampood it. But first we had to clean it out it had all our stuff still in boxes in it from moving in. So it has been a chore. i cant wait untill my babyshower so i can really get everything done. but it isnt untill april 12.... but that is when I am getting my stroller and car seat. My crib is sitting in a box in my living room right now. We have to finish the room and then we will set up the...
thanks for all the warm welcomes. I cant believe I am already almost 80% done!! Cat
Name: Catharine Age: 21 Birth month: April State &/or Country: Utah Pregnancy #: 1 Other Children and birth month/year: first Birth Plans/Preferences: Birthing Center Birth
Hey Ladies I am new to this board. I am due May 19 with my first. Before this pregnancy I had three miscarriages so we are super excited to finally have the baby we have been trying for for over two years now. We are having a little boy. We are not picking the name untill he is born and I am trying for a Natural birth at a birthing center with an ob. no midwives in my area. my cousin does homebirths and her midwife is 4 hours away... My mother will be there with me she has...
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