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Born yesterday ( Aug 26th) at home in the caul, we welcomed our Rainbow baby, August Jade! A beautiful water birth, he was 7 lbs exactly and 21 inches long and it happened in only 2 hrs and 45 min! I'll get around to an actual birth story soon. Another fun note- he was born on my mother's birthday ;-)
There is a hurricane a comin... everyone's favorite joke right now is mentioning hurricane related names for the baby since they are all convinced that I'm holding out to give birth in the storm. Errrrr... not really feelin that kwim? I REALLY think tonight would be a great night for baby having... or tomorrow. Saturday's cutting it close and Sunday is supposed to be the big day for Irene to make her appearance. Oy.
YAY!!!! Congrats. She's so beautiful mama
Hooray!!!!!!!!! Sounds delightful!! Enjoy her to pieces
I'm 40+2 today... officially part o' the club.
Thinking of you... sending speedy recovery vibes for body and mind!
WOW!!!! You're a birth GODESS... no pain meds with pit is impressive!! She is super cute... huge congrats.
Congrats Bree!!! Just beautiful!
So wonderful to hear!!!!! Welcome baby Martha!!! Looking forward to reading the full swing story.
For sure... dairy is great too.
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