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Beans and Rice! 4-6 cups cooked rice (I like basmati) 1 can of black beans 1 can of kernel corn Mix together and heat. Top with salsa and well, I do cheese but I'm not vegan. It's sort of college food but it's cheap, filling and tasty.
That's awesome. I have to go share this with my zombie obsessed sister now.
That's so awesome! I'm tearing up too.
I've heard that lime juice cuts the heat from hot peppers. I think that's why they always serve a wedge of it with your meal at my favourite Vietnamese restaurant. But I second the sour cream suggestion too.
Last night I made this, a hot mixed grain cereal that I dressed with raisins, honey and milk. My partner was all - cereal for supper? But he had to concede that I had just come off a grave and gotten up at 4 PM so it did make sense. It was delish. I had leftovers for breakfast and will again tomorrow. I like oatmeal a little better but it's nice to be able to make a big batch and heat it up later.
I love it. I love the colours and how the brown stripe pops.
I seem to be in the minority but I really love the taste of molasses so I would just take a spoonful of it straight.
I totally agree with tapering. I get blistering headaches when I try to go cold turkey. If I were to get busy during the day and forget to have a cup of coffee I wouldn't be able to sleep from the pain - I'd have to get up and have a cup of strong tea in order to fall asleep. When I decided to cut out the coffee (because I thougt - If I have these kind of withdrawl issues, what's it going to be like for the baby?) I switched to black tea and drank it freely all day and...
Granted it was a little weird. He was just born in the dream, full term but only two handfuls big. I nursed him and then set him down on the floor. When I went to pick him up again he had crawled off! It took me a long time to find him because he was so small and could crawl so fast and in the dream I was at my Mom's house and she's in the process of moving so the floor was cluttered with piles of stuff. I finally found him, picked him up to look at him for a bit and then...
I swear this guy is using my bladder as a chair. It's so annoying to go to the bathroom only to find out my bladder is "full" of baby, not pee.
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