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I'm so sorry.
I live in Canada so this isn't going to help you but Superstore has a ton of their clothes on sale now including their organic baby stuff. I got a dark blue onesie with a pink whale on it and a bright yellow one with a lady bug on it from the girls side and a bunch of tan, green and brown geometric patterned onesies from the boys side and called it a day. I've pretty much decided that if I think it's cute and it's not solid pink, it's fair game. Especially if it's $1.94.
Yay! I saw your original post, I'm so happy for you.
Wow, that is pretty. I was just going to string mine all in a row too but now I might be inspired to bust out the fancy.
Love it! I cut my teeth on Star Trek (TOS) and now the list includes Joss Whedon (Buffy was my gateway drug but I love Firefly so much), Ursula LeGuin, Neil Gaimon to name a very few. I'm finishing up Kim Stanley Robinson's Blue Mars right now. One of my guilty pleasures is to go into a used bookstore and buy a rondom two dollar sci-fi or fantasy novel based on the cover alone, even if my unread book pile is pushing a count of thirty.
Ha! I haven't had my cervix kicked yet but this guy is definitely doing jiu-jitsu in there.
I squeed! And I think they subbed in Uhura for McCoy because umm...she is hot. Although, so is Karl Urban.
I second Farscape! I heart Farscape! Everyone should watch Farscape! Ok, enough of that (but really, give it a second try). I also suggest Freaks and Geeks, Metalocalypse and Veronica Mars.
Hmm, good yet obscure. A difficult question since both those terms can be subjective. I suggest Night Watch and Farinelli.
Boy for me!
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