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Quote: Originally Posted by Nautical We feel the same way. I am 24 weeks and just had my six month appointment at the birth center, which went something like this: How do you feel? Great. Do you plan on breastfeeding? Yes. Great. Let's take your blood pressure. It looks great. Make sure to book your 28-week appointment on your way out. I can't imagine what we'll possibly be worth me coming in every two weeks after 7 months. Mine...
I always say the first week of November. Which is then almost always followed by 'But what day?'. And then I cave and tell them November 5th. I have a friend who says that next time she's telling everyone the baby is due two weeks later than it actually is because people were constantly phoning her to ask if the baby was there yet. If anyone does that to me they're not finding out about the acutal birth until two weeks later.
I quite like your whole list. I don't think you'll do wrong with any of them but Arlo jumped out at me the most.
Hi! I just wanted to join in. My partner and I are both the oldest of three and we've always planned on just one (who is due in November!). Lately I've been wavering slightly on this though. My brother moved back to town a few months ago and although we've always been somewhat close I've really enjoyed reconnecting with him and am wondering if that sort of relationship isn't something I'd like my little one to have (and two is my absolute, no questions, tubal asap...
I was just at the Doctor's today and he busted out with "What have you been eating?" To which I replied "Food." Appartenly he's concerned because I've gained 10 pounds in a month. But really I've gained 10 pounds since mid-March, his records just don't go back that far. I've also gone up two cup sizes so I'm inclined to think I'm carrying some of that weight on my chest.
Ooh, that's icky. And tacky, on so many levels. I definitely wouldn't go, "invite" or not. It's painfull being embarassed for someone who doesn't have the good sense to be embarassed for themselves.
I just found out I'm having a boy. My early, intense craving for ice cream (one that was facilitated by the Dairy Queen two blocks away) has mostly dissapated but I could eat every kind of baking all day every day. Cinnamon buns, muffins, cookies, cake. The only thing saving me is that it's too hot to bake.
Boy for me. I found out last Thursday!
Quote: Originally Posted by UnassistedMomma I'm really starting to pop now - especially in the last week it seems. http://photos-h.ak.facebook.com/phot...47663_6263.jpg Love this picture! I need to find my card reader so I can get my pictures off my camera. My boobs are growing faster than my belly. At first I was excited to start showing but now I just wish my belt didn't dig in my gut!
I'm interested too!
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