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How about Quinoa? It's high in protein (16.2 %) and iron, gluten free, a source of all the essential amino acids and tasty! Apparantly the United Nations has classified it as a "super-crop". According to this website it's "not a true cereal grain but technically a fruit of the Chenopodium family. Quinoa’s relatives include spinach, beets and Swiss chard." I don't know for sure if it would be safe for your son but, I thought I would throw it out there.
Voila, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. I haven't seen this movie so I don't know how it ends but, it's supposed to be quite good. Oh, and I guess I should add that I really liked Juno. I laughed, I cried and who wants to hear people talk like they do in real life. That's what real life is for! I want my movies peppered with snappy comebacks and amusing slang.
Quote: Originally Posted by alaskanteach If you are looking for a female heroine, I would recommend something from Anne McCaffrey's Dragon's of Pern series- I especially liked the one with Lessa- was that Dragonflight? (If you are unfamiliar with the series- it is one of my all time favorites. I started reading the dragon and hall books, and later went back and read the one about the planet getting settled "First Fall" I think- so the series as a whole...
I'm due with my first the first week of November. First time ever that I've been excited for winter to come.
I love it. And I think it flows better as Imogen Rose rather than Rose Imogen. And for some weird reason I pronounce it (in my head) as EE-mo-jen. It may have something to do with the French Immersion I took or I'm just a weirdo but, obviously I'm in the minority on that. I do think the short I pronounciation is pretty too, though.
Warheads. You know, the super sour hard candy? I haven't had them since I was about 11 but all of a sudden I needed them. I picked up a couple at a candy store and they were so puckery and delicious. A few days later I found a whole bag at a drug store. I ate it in two days. By the end I could barely even taste the sour any more, I had become so desensitised to it.
Wow, this hadn't even occured to me before. I'm not a huge hiker but, we do have a 5 day camping trip planned for the end of July that will involve hiking and probably canoeing/kayaking. I had planned to try and coast through this with just belly bands but, boo, now I'm going to have to reconsider that. Sweet deal making your own, though! Perhaps I will try and hack my way through a pattern, albeit with a cheapo fabric.
I'm 17 weeks and I've gained around 3 pounds. I do love beer, though, so having cut out my daily one or two has really cut down on the empty calories.
Coffee every day. I switched to lattes for a while because drinking it black was making me queasy but, I'm back on the hard stuff now. And now that I'm through the first trimester and I can see the hot days of summer coming, there is a beer in my future. A sweet Sleeman's Honey Brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~sweet pea~ BTW, interesting siggy. I joined up the day after I re-watched The Princess Bride and felt the need to show my love.
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