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Excellent point, I hadn't thought of that aspect.
If you are hoping for wild chicken pox exposure, what is the minimum age at which you would deliberately expose a child?
I use prefolds and wool covers without a lot of washing the wool, but I also EC so we rarely have a massive poop in the diaper cause I take baby to the potty to finish the poop.   I love the Aristocrats wool soaker covers for nighttime and LoveyBums covers for daytime. I use the Loveybums wrap covers w/ snaps in newborn/small and the pull-on wool covers after ~4 months when I switch to med size.
A few years ago I read an article about making the switch to cloth without a big outlay of cash. Basically the plan was buy 1 diaper, use it once each day, therefore saving x disposables, enabling the purchase of another CD w/ savings on disposables, etc.   Due to a hard drive crash, I've since lost my bookmarks, but I have a friend who could really benefit from that article. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
I've used natural fibers exclusively too. I used mostly prefolds, and a few Loveybums fitted diapers with an Aristocrats wool soaker cover for nighttime, and Loveybums wool covers for daytime. I used the wool crepe snap cover in the newborn size and the wool pull-up covers after 4 months when we switched to size med. (My baby was 9lbs at birth, so didn't stay in newborn size anything for long). When we switched to med diapers and covers she was in 6month clothes.
Also, not sure if it applies for OP specifically, but in general you do have to consider cost of living in thinking about what a certain $ amount of income should/could mean in terms of financial security. A $40,000/year income in San Francisco is not going to go anywhere near as far as that same $40,000/year in some small, rural agricultural town just a few hours from SF (like the one I grew up in...)    I saw somewhere a "living wage" calculator (may have been...
I am pretty sure my DD is going to outgrow by height before she is 4, but if she doesn't grow more than 1/2" in the next 8mos I would probably still be willing to switch FF at 4. My understanding is that the ossification of the spinal column is generally accomplished sometime between 3-4, and that is what makes the difference for really safe FF. So, I wouldn't voluntarily switch until 4, myself.
If I have to use sunscreen I use Badger company products http://www.badgerbalm.com/c-6-sun-care.aspx they also get good ratings on the safety database mentioned in a PP, and my mom owns a natural food store, did a *ton* of research in deciding what to carry and has a good opinion of the company.   In general though, I really think that Vit D deficiency is actually much more of a health concern than sun exposure and blocking sun with cloth or products blocks Vit. D...
I'll second the Radian recommendation. My DD was 28" at 6 mos (though only 17 lbs), and outgrew her infant seat by height at 8mos. So, having a pretty good guess that height was going to be our limiting factor for RF I bought a Radian 65 which she is still RFing in at nearly 3.5 years old (and ~32lbs) . She has about 1" of torso growth left, which is one more growth spurt if her 1.5-2" at a time pattern continues. I anticipate that she'll fit RF until somewhere right...
I've used the Benjamin Moore Natura paint recently too. It was my only non-VOC option short of ordering online and paying crazy shipping. Like the PP said, it really doesn't have that "paint" smell. Hardly any odor at all. For other options, AFM http://www.afmsafecoat.com/ and Bioshield http://www.bioshieldpaint.com/ are excellent companies. My mom has used their paints and finishes a lot. One of them would have been my first choice, but I can't get them locally (as in...
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