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  Wearing my (then) 18 month old daughter on a hike in Red River Gorge. Now at four-and-a-half, she can hike for miles on her own, but she still likes to be worn occasionally. I would love to win a collection of Moby Wraps for the lending library of the babywearing group I lead in Lexington, Ky - Bluegrass Babywearers!
We started babywearing when my daughter was two weeks old. I had never heard of the term before, but I had heard of a local store that carried a variety of baby carriers. I knew I had to have something, since my two week old refused to let me put her down; it certainly didn't feel right leaving her to cry, yet I had to get things done around the house. Babywearing was just the thing for both of us! We were both happy, and because I knew my little one was content, I felt...
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Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 11:30 a.m. at Baby Moon (2891 Richmond Rd # 103 Lexington, KY 40509). Each month we discuss and demonstrate a specific carrier. The second half of the meeting is devoted to answering any questions you may have about other carriers and babywearing in general. A monthly outing - determined during the meeting - is held during the third or fourth week of the month. Outings include hikes, zoo trips, pumpkin...
We see Dr. Shalash at Frankfort Pediatric Associates. She's been fine with non-vaxing, homebirth, extended BFing, co-sleeping, etc.
Karen, We go to Pediatric Assoc. of Frankfort and see Dr. Shalash. It's her belief that it's the parents' decision and she's only there to give advice. She's never even mentioned vaccines. We just have to sign the waiver every so often.
Quote: Originally Posted by arismama! this happened to me just the other day at whole foods. i was wearing my sleeping baby in the sling and heard this blood-curdling cry coming from what appeaered to be a newborn (like less then 6 weeks) infant in a carseat/grocery cart thing. the mom was just casually pushing her cart back and forth, i assume in some sort of attempt to soothe her baby. to me his crys sounded hungry and it just hit me, you know? the...
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