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Bg Organic OS AIOs are trim, but I'd consider the absorbancy to be day-time quality.. as in, needs to be changed often or after every pee. OBB's Marathon on Hyenacart are supersuper trim with their provided insert, and can be made even more absorbant because it's a pocket. FYI: I haven't personally used OBB's. An absorbant and trim fabric is bamboo fleece so you may be interested in picking up some inserts/doublers to use with whatever brand/system you choose. Happy...
I'm an All in One gal. They were the first kind I ever tried... and after trying everything else under the sun with our newest, I'm back. My favorite brands right now are the Bg Organics and Nana's Bottoms on Hyenacart. Nana's are super affordable and you get to choose your options; I like birdseye with hemp soakers. And yup, they take longer to dry than most other diapers. Totally.worth.it for me. I need a lot of diapers and cannot deal with a bunch of pieces that must...
Loki was rolling both ways by 4 months, along with scooting (arms getting stuck)... crawling at 5 months... and going fast anywhere desired now at 6 months. He's a really active guy! Who also won't be still long enough to sit up. So at the moment that's the milestone we're waiting on.
I have very little interest in supplementing myself to our babies. Although, we did try with both boys at the 'peak' of newborn fatigue (that's 2 weeks for us) but both experiences proved pacis to be more of a hassle than anything else.
Quote: Originally Posted by dachshundqueen I have 2 kids, now potty learned, 4.5 and 27 months. We always changed our children as soon as we realized they were wet - which was frequently, sometimes 20+ nappies a day, especially when they were tiny. At toddlerhood, I would suppose we were still changing 12-14 dipes a day, sometimes more. Liz We do things the same way around here. I change about 4 times overnight... It keeps our bed dry and...
The day a dog decides to put his teeth on a child is the day that dog decided not to be apart of a family. My thoughts anyway. And please... don't think a 20 lb dog is harmless. A 12 lb doxie left scars on my son's cheeks and even a 5 lb dog would have no problem snagging (and tearing!) a lip, eye, nose, or ear. ETA: The 12 lb doxie I reference above was my Mom's decade long companion/shadow, before he was put down. It was, unfortuntely, the last resort.
Maybe he wants to just look at you! My guy thrives big time on eye contact and conversation.
We have some great wooden swords that the guys really enjoy, along with the occassional Nerf shoot-out. Quote: Originally Posted by prothyraia Since nobody has mentioned these yet, I wanted to point out two Mothering articles about this- http://www.mothering.com/bang-bang-youre-dead http://mothering.com/alternatives-fo...ng-weapon-play Wonderful articles. Thank you for linking!
10 weeks in the ToddlerHawk More recently in a BaliBabyBreeze and another in the Toddlerhawk
Lok has a personalized physique- Big belly, tiny waist, pancake butt, and meaty thighs. All the trial and errors with CDing have been tons of fun. @ 15 weeks he's 18 lbs and 26 inches. Long and sturdy!
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