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I'm planning on using receiving blankets folded origami style, to supplement my stash of fitteds and pockets. They really fold up nicely. My only concern was how they'd fit a newborn (seemed too big), but after many configurations and then simply folding the front down.. I think they will fit nicely and be very absorbant.
I wasn't CDing immediately the first time around, and this time my stash is already put together.. But you should definitely mention your intention to cloth diaper and where they can be found. There is a chance some people will bring disposables anyway, but probably not as many if you hadn't mentioned CDing at all.
DH and I don't even like seeing spaghetti straps on little girls... So this sort of stuff really makes me ill.
Quote: Originally Posted by nataliekat It's been almost four years since I was last pg, so I'm really excited to look at cloth diaper sites again. Yay!! Anyone have any favorites? That maybe also include a lot of products for mom before and after birth, for nursing, etc.? Thanks!! www.abbyslane.com www.bluepenguin.com www.momsmilkboutique.com www.babyhopesclothdiapers.com All FREE SHIPPING no minumum, except the last link, spend...
Adventures In Tandem Nursing seems to be the only one of its kind, unfortunately. I think it's a nice book purely for topic of interest, but also thought it was discouraging in may parts and does spend WAY too much space validating weaning. It's also lacking the amount of pictures I would've liked to see of tandem nursing trios.
Was her son given a "loose" circumcision that she normally pulls back to clean? Because what you describe is exactly what we went through, for a year, with our son who was (regrettably) circumcised, but has so much foreskin he looks intact. Tearing the adhesions was a never ending circle of pain. It was really terrible! I finally followed my instincts and stopped disturbing the foreskin. My son has no problems peeing, erecting, and clearly by the way he twists and...
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