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Infant seat is back in the box after making sure it would fit our seat, and Hubby will install it at the hospital.
Seriously though! We have the same EDD and I can hardly believe it's so close... really... anytime now.
I hope our birth is ideal as yours! Congratulations Mama!
What a little beauty. Many congratulations to you and your Family!
We use cloth wipes for diapering and for the family in the bathroom as well. We have an assortment of sizes and fabrics from different places plus some homemade ones. I don't know exactly what a good number to have is, but a lot is a good idea. If you're exclusively making them yourself then you can easily bulk up your stash as needed... And experiment with different fabrics to see what you like best! Quote: Originally Posted by Scarlet_Redhead I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Amanda Williams VERY nice stash, mama. I think you have the perfect amounts... Thanks! I had a really fun time putting it together.
Quote: Originally Posted by rclaz ME: walk up and get in line at the grocery store. Milk, deodorant, and butter. Annoying Woman in Front of Me (AWFM): WOW (shouting)!! You're REALLY Pregnant!!! ME: Yup, I sure am AWFM: What are you having triplets??!! (shouting again, people looking) ME: heh-heh, nooo. I'm just due soon. AWFM: You're REALLY big!!! (more shouting) ME: hmmm, oh... AWFM: You're having an epidural. (statement) ME: nope, I'm sure...
Very wonderful!! Congrats Mama!!
Ok, here goes.. nb: 24 fitteds 6 covers small: 28 fitteds 4 prefolds 8 covers 4 ai2s 6 aios 15 pockets linky to my stash, with descriptions. the first 2 pictures are newborn sized.
Oh wow! :
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