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Quote: Originally Posted by -bekkie- snip for me it isn't 'no reason' - it's our first baby and we are excited to see him or her, and share that experience with our family as it will be the first grandchild on both sides - so the opportunity to do a 'live broadcast' is very appealing to us. snip We did our first time around for these exact reasons, and it was an extremely enjoyable experience for everyone involved! I would recommend a 3d/4d...
We wanted to find gifts that would provide DS the opportunity to be even more involved with us adults, and decided the kitchen was a great theme! So we recently picked up a Learning Tower... along with a custom "Sugar Smock" from Sweet Marmalade that is in the making and a Camden Rose Rainbow Broom that is on the way.
Quite happy! And I totally agree with this: Quote: Originally Posted by thorn For me, even though the end of pregnancy might have some discomforts that come with it, I want to treasure the last days of my family before a change, and I also want to give my baby as much time as he needs to be ready to come out.
Quote: Originally Posted by NaturalMindedMomma Thats 3 of us???? Wow! I realize I rarely post, but there's actually 4 of us! My EDD is August 2nd too!
We generally have zero interest in others being responsible for the well-being of our child, so we'd probably not allow a ride on the schoolbus.
Another 32 weeker with an August 2nd DD. My feeling is that we're not making it to August, and I'll probably start thinking "any day now" when the middle of July hits. Joseph was born 3 days before his DD weighing in at 9 lbs.
Joseph was born with lots of hair, and amazing dimples (just like his Daddy)... So I'm set on this boy having those two features as well. I may have to send him back otherwise!
This shortie (5'1") carries her babies way out and is measuring 43" today.
I'm sure my babe will be a nursing champ like his Big Bro, but I hadn't even considered skipping the bath! Thanks for bringing this topic up, Torre! Unnecessary is unnecessary... Period.
I haven't gotten any myself, and we're pretty active. I'm also full-blown nursing a toddler and haven't felt any from that either.
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