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Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g Where might I find these mothers milk herbal teas/drops? In the vitamin section at a grocery store? ..... I can only pump one side at a time because that is all i have for a pump. We cant afford the big double pumper. A friend gave us theirs, but she didnt take very good care of it. The bag is COVERED in dog hair, and the lines are all crusted up with HER dried breast milk from, OH, THREE YEARS AGO!!! ...
Quote: Originally Posted by JenInMpls He is doing well and I'm kind of starting to feel like digging my heels in against all of the "proactive intervention". I KNOW in my brain that it's good to have all of the appointments and make sure that everything is all right because if it isn't, tending to it early can lead to better outcomes and a higher quality of life, but another part of me wants to tell everyone to just leave my kid alone to be a...
I was intimidated by the length of the other thread as well- but loved reading what everyone else was up to! Mason is doing well. I have been off dairy and on meat for about a month now and it has made a huge difference in baby's comfort level. DH and DS1 love that I eat meat now. My little brother watched me eat Christmas dinner because I have been a veggie almost all of his life and he couldn't believe it! I was a little sad at first, but nursing is more important...
: Congratulations! What a big girl!
I go back Tuesday as well. My guy sleeps most of the night. He usually wakes around 4am and is back asleep by 4:30ish. I did a test run today to see how long it takes me to get up and get 2 kids ready. I need to keep practicing if I ever want to leave before noon! Good luck, Barbie!
yea! Charlie!
I had good luck with ebay. I bought the Medella backpack and a replacement kit from Medella for the accessories. I bought mine used from another mom. No complaints.
How many weeks out are you? 8 weeks 1 day Are you still bleeding? No, stopped at about 4 or 5 weeks pp How are you feeling? I feel like I am back to myself emotionally- just very discouraged about pp body, but have decided not to worry about it until after the holidays. Was this your first? How many have you had? First (and only) scheduled c-section (for breech presentation) How are you feeling emotionally about the C Section? I feel ok now- I know I made a...
Quote: Originally Posted by two bricks shy Though, I have no idea if it is coincidence or not, but it seems to flare up if I consume dairy or peanuts. Maybe I am just being paranoid.: Same thing here! Mine is 8 weeks, and acne is pretty much gone except for when I eat dairy or peanut butter (my 2 favorite things!) His cradle cap just started today though... I don't know any tricks to help.
Happy to find this thread! I work in home care now, but my background is gyn oncology. I am on maternity leave now, but will be going back part time in January. Nice to meet everyone! As for crunchiness- I work with many elderly who think my crunchy ways are the right way- after all, they did not have the medical interventions available to them 50, 60, and 70 years ago. They had to do things the natural way!
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