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Fyrestorm thanks for the thorough response. It sounds to me like the important steps to take are reminding everyone around infants to wash hands frequently, which we should be doing anyway but especially in outbreaks like this one. Sounds also like -- and this will probably make you want to bang your head against a wall, which is not my intent -- that there is a great need is for BOOSTERS for people who have been vaccinated. Every article I've read on the topic has...
Quote: They just as likely got it from vaxed adults/children, since it doesn't prevemt transmission, a vaccinated person would have less severe symptoms and think they just have a cough and wouldn't necessarily stay home and away from others. If they were vaccinated,they would also be less likely to be correctly diagnosed. Source?
Quote: Originally Posted by Turquesa This would make sense, particularly if these children came from undocumented immigrant families, who in many cases have no incentive to seek medical care. In fact, the powers that be discourage it. Pertussis is treatable, provided that people seek treatment. Not as treatable for young infants. 5 infant deaths so far, all babies under 6 months -- who obviously contracted it from an unvaxed...
My 27 month old is always always labelling things and it's important for her to know who owns what. In the morning "Mommy's coffee, my juice. Mommy's banana, my banana". My husband thinks this is a very odd quirk - is it, or is it just a standard phase ? And if so, please do tell me it doesn't last too long! I'm not particularly worried about it. But it does basically seem to be a road to focusing on what is "mine mine mine".
I got DD a tiger outfit as a consignment shop for $11. I don't think I'd spend $200. No way.
That's really tough. Because no one knows the answer. There is no answer. I wish I had better advice for you - good luck.
I'm a vegetarian and I can't tell you how many well-intentioned people have made a special meatless dish just for me...... cooked with chicken stock. They do mean well, I really believe it, but VERIFY VERIFY VERIFY.
Quote: And how much extra do they charge for this service? Or is it built into the price of the suit which is why many people cannot afford them. Mid-level and better men's suits sometimes have it as part of the price of the suit. Off-the-rack suits can always be purchased at places like Sears (or secondhand, of course). The difference is that women's suits at stores like Macy's or Lord & Tailor or other department stores which are not cheap...
Quote: OMG! Can you say... lawsuit?! The man who repeatedly slapped someone else's 2-year-old in the face was charged with a felony. I don't really think it's topical, though, being annoyed by a whiny child and assaulting a whiny child are not in the same universe. Everyone gets annoyed sometimes, it's normal. An adult man hitting a toddler is not normal at all.
He has a couple for job interviews and formal business presentations, as well as a few "sports jackets" (what a weird term that is). I love the way men's suits are sold. It's assumed that they won't fit properly and that tailoring will be required. Salesmen are trained to take proper measurements and alterations are made at the store. Women's suits from nicer department stores have the *option* of getting the suit altered but it's really not the same as having every...
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