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Cracker Barrel, HERE WE COME!    
yea cuz isnt that a form of OCD?     
Seriously.  Its like I have SPD with just body hair.  Weird. 
I called the cashier at wegmans Dear.  "thank you, dear"  Also a reflex.  Something is giving me the impression we are of the young and disrespectful crowd or something.     
why exactly wont you try the meds?  That sounds terribly painful. 
i would also like to disclose some of my history.  I am almost 32 years old.  Not old by any stretch, but old enough to remember life before cell phones.  When I was 16, I got a pager for my birthday.  Back in the day, my friends and I used to communicate through code.  No shit.  We would type out number sequences according to the way the letters fell on the number pad of a phone.  Pretty high tech eh?  I started to have certain number sequences memorized, so if I saw...
Sure I meant for yourself, or how you feel others should behave while in public.  What you consider rude.  etc.    I consider it VERY VERY rude for someone to walk through an office while on their hands free and talk so loud, everyone in the entire office can hear the conversation.  DRIVES ME BATTY.  I also think walking and texting a public place to the point of holding people up or bumping into them is extremly rude.    What about ringing?  My phone is always...
Here I am, the black sheep again!!!    I shave every other day, no matter what time of the year.  In the summer, I sometimes wont even skip a day.  I HAVE TOO. I cant stand the feeling of the slightest bit of hair.  The way it feels in my pants, or in bed, even when my legs just touch eachother.  CANT STAND IT.    Ive become such a pro, I can do it in my stand up shower, while prgnant, cant even see my legs over the belly, and no contacts in.  (im blind as a bat...
Im in a stinker kind of mood again.  hehe   So in a resturant, the grocery store, the movie theatre, work.  DISH.    What are your "rules" about cell phone ettiquette?
New Posts  All Forums: