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PHEW!  *wipes sweat from brow* It got a little hot in here for a second, and I was getting skerred.  lol    
Um, did I totally miss the boat here?  Cuz that seemed a tad uncalled for. 
They borrowed money from someone who had it, and paid it back over time.  With interest. 
Also DDCC.   I had two kids without Epis.  it was an amazing experience. I did have nubaine administered introvenously, but all that does i cause you to nap in between contractions.  You still have complete feeling everywhere, and none of the pain is dulled.  It just forces you to rest in between.  Its not for everyone, and it only lasted about 3 hours.  ONce i was transitioning, it didnt matter anymore.    My fear of epidurals extends back 17 years ago when my...
Anyone else totally flashing back to Jack dressed up in a tuxedo on the Titanic, and NO ONEknew he was a street rat until he told them so?  I LOVED the message in that movie.  LOVED IT!
I havent read the entire thread because all this blather is making my IBS act up, but I have a point of view.   I have seen children being raised by people who live in big cities surrounded culture, money, and refinement act like complete monsters in public.  I have also seen children being raied in "humble roots" as you called them, act with complete respect, refinement, and ettiquete.    I have seen the former eat nothing but chicken nuggets and peanut butter...
Um, can I just say HOLY CRAP!!!!  PM me with deets please!!!  Specifically how ex is handling all this.  Im genuinley curious.  AND CONGRATS!!!!!!!  I shouldnt be happy about you moving FARTHER away from me.  But if Im ever in the DC area, I will look you up. 
BOOM!  You got it!    
Because the older we get, the harder it gets for our brains to process and filter when so much is going on at once.  Ever notice when you call out to a child who is at the zoo and they just dont hear you?  You have to call their name about 48 times until they finally acknowledge you?  Its because a childs brain has not yet learned how to process multiple peieces of information at once.  When they are focused on ONE thing, that one thing has their undivided...
I agree with PP.  Checking a carseat is a bad bad bad idea.  if you were willing to lug the things all the way to the gate, why not go the extra 20 feet and just use it on the plane?    Traveling with little kiddos is tough business.  I almost did it while both my boys are still in carseats and would have actually really needed them on the plane.  But I was to chicken. 
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