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My only advice to you is to find a ped who IS helpful with this.  Its so important to me.  I jumped on the NO VAXXES EVER badnwagon when DS1 was 4 months old.  He hasnt had any since, and my little guy has never been injected with anything except Vit K.  I was always continuing to research here and there, and recently decided to get back on a selective schedule.  I called my ped, and she was SUPER helpful about what to give, how many, how often, how far apart.  She said...
Unless you make yourself heard on how unacceptable this behavior is to you, your going to be waiting for a LOOOOONG time.    I understand the toll a routine of two very small children takes on a marriage.  BELIEVE ME.  However, if its important to you (and him) to make it work for the long haul, you find a way to communicate.  Try to discuss it in a mature, adult-like manner while the older one is sleeping and your nursing the baby.  Tell him not to get defensive, and...
I am going with what is bottom-line required in order for my children to attend public school.  So Polio, DTap, Hep B, MMR, Varicella.  Im equally as afraid of the shots as I am of the diseases.  (Not chicken pox) But I feel more confident now that my kids are older, neurologically stronger, and Matthew has about grown out of his allergies (Im still going to talk to his ped about that before he gets any shots)   Meninghitis scares me, sure, however there are numerous...
Ditto.  BTDT once.  Have I dont it since?  NO!  Would I do it again?  Not on purpose.  Im not a bad parent either.  I consider myself a pretty great mother actually.  HOWEVER, if this has happened a few times a year since your first was born, it may be escalating.  Because IMO, he should have learned the first time this was a bad habbit to get into.     Just so you know, physical abuse is rarely this cut and dry.  many women still find it very hard to walk away, because...
Arent Debbie and Sandra biological sisters though?  Even though they were adopted?  I cant remember now.     ETA Anyone else notice Sookies eyes looked blue when she was laying with Eric while he was silvered?  I swear they looked Blue, and in other scenes, her eyes are very much brown. 
Try putting yourself in her shoes when it happens.  Immagine how you would feel if you were goin on about something your mad about to a friend and they just laughed at you.     
"Yes, mommy dearest."    Whenever my mom was in a bad mood, I would call her that if she hollered to me to do something.  I swear she really DID turn into Joan when I said that.  LMAO!  "MOmmy dearest?!?!?!  I'll show you mommy dearest......."  Of course we were both kidding.  Its still a standing joke between the two of us. 
YIPPPPEEEEE   You know.  If your so inclined to be creative, you COULD cut spindles into the four sides of the box, and leave the bottom side whole.  And cut them perpendicular to eachother so it keeps some kinda of sterdiness.     
OK, this never happens.  Do I get something special for coming up with such a great idea?
I was gonna say I kinda saw the other moms hesitations about walking even 5 mins from home to school, until I saw your childrens ages.  MY WORD.  I thought you were gonna say they were second graders or something.  Even that age can be muddied, but TEENAGERS?  lord.    
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