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Ohhhh, IDEA!!!!  Lightbuld just went off in my head.  Maybe you could get a giant box, set it up on its side on the floor and put one of his blankies in it, maybe even drawn lines on it to resemble a cage, and tell him this is HIS crate.  That way it might deter him from going into the dogs. 
Totally OT, but your Avatar made me almost pee my pants!     
BIG HUGS coming from me, mama.  Im the mother of a 3.5 YO boy and a 2.5 YO boy.  ITS HARD!!!!!  They run me ragged.  I yell way more then I should (unfortunatly, im loud by nature.  It started way before I became a mother or even hit puberty) I have absolutly no idea how I would do it without a village nearby.  My husband is not around nearly as much as I would like, but hes atleast around occassionaly to give mama a break.  I dont have any advice, and Im sorry about...
My son crawls around on my MILs garage floor all day long with his toungue hanging out.  The garage part is the only part that bothers me.  When he does it at home, I think its cute as heck.  I tell him to come on over so I can scratch his ears.  hmmmmm, guess I never considered that I might be doing something wrong by encouraging this behavior.    If we had a real dog with a cage, you can bet money that I would find Matthew in there every chance he got.  When we go...
FWIW, I understand things are a little different (as far as religious vax ememptions) in the City as apposed to upstate.  I personally had a lawyer help me word my letter to protect my rights but not shoot myself in the foot at the same time.  I also have a friend whose teenage children have never been vaxxed, and have attended numerous public schools between the Rochester and Buffalo areas.  Very well-worded religious exemptions filed everytime.    But again, if...
Im not going to argue with you because I dont know anyone personally who have been harrassed for using their Religious exemption in NYS, myself included. 
My FIL had thrush about 6 years ago.  Its rare, but it happens. 
Like I said.  Dont know much about homeschool, but know that there are homeschoolers.  I dont know about the laws.    The Vax laws dont suck.  There is medical and religious, and if shes homeschooling anyway, whats the diff?
Rochester, NY.  NO JOKE.   Midwifery is totes legal here.  I had one help me through the first part of my labor with matthew.  Not sure about homebirthing, but I know they are def legal in hospitals.  I am almost sure that homebirthing is legal in NYS.  Looking around I found this that might be helpful.  http://www.rabn.org/homebirth.html   We have severy community colleges in our area.  One of them I could walk to from work.  We also have several Suny Colleges...
Now we are calling humans and dogs apples, RATHER then apples and oranges?     
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