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This was my sentiment.    The problem with letting the child make the decision is that by the time they are truly ready and able to make a mature and educated decision on the matter, they may have already lived through several "outbreaks" of VPDs.    Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT pro vax.  I am, however, always revisiting my choice.  I told my husband 3 years ago when I decided to cease and desist all current vaccines, that it was not a closed door either.  I would...
Are you KIDDING?  There are sparkles in it!     Just kidding.    What I dont understand is the profound felt need to help the mother out while shes doing............exactly what nature intended her to do.  Are you sitting there watching her nurse the puppies all day? If so, is it that painful to watch her struggle? (if shes even struggling)  because quite honestly, I would expect the scenerio described about moving pupps around and having to start ALLLLL over is pretty...
DARN.  Sorry I missed that one.     
Same guy.  She finatically assures us that he NEVER EVER EVER tried to smother the boy with a pillow.    Anyhooo, I also noticed that she USED to call this guy DH, and is now suddenly calling him SO.   Who knows why, but Im sure I will get a lengthly explanation.     
Im still trying to figure out who leaves for a vacation, puts all thier belongings in storage, cancels their lease, and, oh I dont know, quits their jobs?  Didnt you each have TWO?  I suppose those will be waiting for you when you get back too, right?
 OMG!!!  It just took me two seconds to figure out not only what STATE your in, but what city, AND who you are living with?    Really?  And you can't figure out how your mom found your other address? 
Sookie is clearly topless in the trailer for next week.  Looks like Bill saves the day, aka, interupts their sexy time. 
This.   You want to be incognito, but pics of you AND your kids are STILL in your profile. AND your location is still up.  Even if you stayed where you left for a month ago, its called breadcrumbs.  I dont care how un savvy your mom is with a computer.  If shes as crazy cakes as you say she is, she can HIRE SOMEONE TO FIND YOU!!  Using what little info youve given her, it wouldnt take much for a PI to find you.    GET OFF THE INTERNET.  Charge your phones numbers. ...
DDCC here, but I could not help but post after reading this.    I am a FTWM. and Im here to tell you that it wont be all or nothing, I promise you.  And further more, in my state, the daycares require that a child be picked up after a maximum of 10 hours a day in their care.  atleast mine does.  So no overtime for me unless I arrange the boys to be picked up by a family member for me.  (between drop off and pick up and the length of time it takes me to GET to work, they...
We have 3!  One at my house, two at my mothers house.  My kids are 2 and 3.  They love the dang thing. 
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