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This.  My little guy had the sores down the back of his throat.  Not fun.     Herpes simplex 1 was fun too, His gums swelled so bad.  Poor baby. 
Unless you live in AK, winter time is still a good 3 months away.  By then she will be 3 months older and a totally different kid.  ;-)   I noitced with my tough sleeper, a bink and a very special blankey AND a very special stuffed animal were the perfect combination for him to take his nap.  I also have crib toys, still, for both my boys.  Its that jungle music box/water light thingy.  They push a button and it plays soothing bedtime music and has soothing water...
You ARE helping him.  By consoling him while he feels like poo.    Immagine how you feel when your under the weather.  Atleast you can whine and say GAWD!!!!  My head is KILLING ME.  Maybe I will take some tylenol.  Your baby cant tell you what hurts.  His only course of communication of how crummy he feels is screaming.  Simple distractions help, but as soon as the twinge of pain comes back, not much will deter him from noticing.    As for his symptoms, sounds...
OK, I LOVE being right, because it happens so infrequently.  LOL    I.E. Bill and Portia.  WHAT DID I SAY!?!?!??!  LOL!   That scene with nekked Eric and nekked Alcide.  Yea, caught myself drooling all over my shirt.  Im not joking.  And then they got all alpha male with sookie standing right there.  I would have paid MONEY to be Anna paquin at that very moment.  And she went home with Stephen that night.  WHAT!?!??!?!  SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!   ETA, Sookie...
Two things.  Well, maybe 3.   Eric calling sookie SNOOKIE was snort worthy.   Sookie reading a Charlene Harris book while sitting at her kitchen table IN THE DARK.  More snorting.    Crystal riding Jason while the rest of the freaks watch and "wait their turn" about gagged me.  Thats rape, is it not?  Um, yea.    Otherwise, I liked the episode.  Thank GOD they got rid of Claudine.  She annoyed me. 
Oh lorrrd.  Where is the "top of head blows off" smilie?    I guess its all relative.  I never drive into OUR little rinky dinky city, let alone NYC.  So i wouldnt know how much dang "fun" it could all be.  LOL    
The only time I know of that being a LAW is during certain school hours (but only at marked traffic lights) and when the adjacent roads have available u-turns.     
DDCC, but I cannot BELIEVE i just saw a thread title with my 17 year old sisters name in it.  LOL  My father chose her name and I chose her middle name.  I thought she was the only Samantha Jade on the planet! Congrats!
New York state.  Registration and inspection goes on the window. 
New Update.  Husband and Friend went by the guys apartment building.  Found the car.  No plates on it, rear end smashed in, ignition totally ripped out.  MY STICKER still on the window.  They went all over the complex asking around trying to find the guy.  No luck.  So, the car being unlocked and in a parking lot, they opened the door and ripped MY sticker off the window.  Im thinking for whatever reason, he unregisterd the car, and whenever he wanted to go somewhere...
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