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The chocolate covered ones?     
I STAND CORRECTED.    If only I had a dang lap top with wifi!  CURSES!!!!!!    
Please refer to my thread started about a week ago.  *WINK*   I belong NO WHERE.  But Im here anyway, because darn it if some mamas here dont LOVE ME and I LOVE THEM!!  <3 <3 <3
I am going to admit that not having an epidural both times I gave birth had less to do with wanting to be "natural" and more to do with FEAR.  Fear of them shoving a needle in my back, fear of having something pumped into my spinal column, fear of having something ATTACHED to my spinal cord, allllll combined with what I watched my mother go through with her epidural when she had my sister at 41 years old.  It was SUPPOSED to be a routine c section that she would be...
Because when you have reservations about the choices youve made (NOT YOU, general you) it makes you feel better to put someone else down who made a different choice from you.  OR, you feel you need to defend your choices because you dont have 100% confidence in them.    I find it basic human nature to be somewhat defensive on a regular basis. And what bigger journey is there then parenthood, right? So thats gonna be the biggest thing to defend. 
Krissy.  You inspire me. 
Ummm, not really.  Even the talking heads did a peice on cell phones causing cancer not that long ago.     
Yes yes, I know this is the BDB thread, however, Ive been talking about the Midnight Breed Series.  Well I just finished book 3, and I keep leaving my kindle at home to fight the urge to buy the forth.  They are really that good.    I shouldve listened to whoever said the BDB users guide was a waste of money.  Cuz it is.  First part of it was Father Mine, which I already HAVE.  The rest?  YAWN! totally flushed 12 bucks down the toilet.  OH WELL. Live and learn i...
DDCC.  But I saw this in new posts, and I had to tell you that with my first pregnancy, I switched providers at about 32 weeks.  Its can (and should) be done if your not happy.  Best decision I ever made. 
This is also a little bit of what I meant up thread.    There are certain things about us as PEOPLE that would have to go through a major overhaul in order to conform to alot of the basics that are AP.  And at what repricussion do we work ourselves into a mental downward spiral in order to follow them?  Do we put our very psychological health in jepeordy because we might be judged for putting our screaming toddlers down in thier pack and plays and step away?  Do we...
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