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We are currently "doing" (more or less) Oak Meadow kindergarten, and I am thinking ahead to whether we will continue to use it in future years. I was very happy to find it as a kindergarten resource. I really like the weekly schedule (not really a schedule, just a bunch of activities suggested for the week)--I looked at several resources that had daily schedules, but that's way too much structure for us, especially at this age, when we want to keep school stuff pretty...
The ideas people have posted are fantastic, but if you're still wanting another outside resource, I highly recommend Life of Fred. Here's the website: http://www.stanleyschmidt.com/FredGauss/index2.html   It's a great combination of a real approach to math and just plain fun.  
Thanks for the suggestions! We went ahead and got a couple of Flips, and they're just perfect. Plenty of space for him to grow yet. I wasn't sure about the snaps at first, but actually they're great for making it harder for the little guy to take his diaper off absentmindedly ...  :)  
Thanks, we'll give that a try! I wonder why more diaper covers don't have the flaps? We think they're a great feature.  
Can anyone recommend a diaper cover that has those nice pockets inside the front (and maybe in the back, too) to tuck a prefold or folded flat diaper into?   We have always used Bumkins covers and loved them; they're so nice and trim. They used to have the pocket in the front; they just redesigned and now they have pockets in front and back. We got one of the new ones and really like it, too. Unfortunately they are also now "one size fits all," and my big little guy...
They look like silvery flames--a visible reminder of the power within.   And they go well with the blue lightning on my chest that shows my power to feed my baby when he or she comes! 
I'm on the week 4 class, and I am really liking it so far. I notice that it keeps me a lot happier when I listen to the tracks--if I miss a day, I get grumpier and feel more depressed.    I am having trouble remembering to do the finger drop practices, though.
Hee hee, that's great! I have a nephew who is a great advertisement for natural childbirth, too. He was born at almost 12 pounds, and my sister describes it as painless! An ultrasound not long before he was born estimated him at 9 pounds. We all know about ultrasound inaccuracies, but sometimes they're in the mama's favor!
Here are some questions to get you started: Where were you born? Where do you live now? Do you like it? I was born in Iowa. I don't want to say where I live now because I don't want to have my illegal birthing plans on the internet. I love how beautiful it is here and the independent spirit of the locals. We moved here a couple of years ago from Toronto (we are NOT city people), and we're still getting used to having gorgeous hiking areas all to ourselves 5 minutes...
Yes, Adorkable, please give details! I've been dealing with this lately too, especially after sitting down for awhile.
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