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Welcome! That's why I'm here, too--it's great to be in touch with likeminded people!
Our LO didn't actually really master rolling back until about 5 months after she'd figured out the rolling over... I hope that's not discouraging! We did swaddle her at night until she was around 8 months, which mostly eliminated the problem of her rolling in the night. I know all babies are different, but we really notice that our LO goes through pretty fast stages, so she did that rolling-getting stuck thing for a few weeks, and then stopped rolling over all the time and...
Our LO (1 year old next week) is waking more often lately, too, and we've also been assuming it's because of all the amazing stuff she's been learning (standing, talking, you name it), plus of course the ever-present possibility of new teeth.
So Monday we will have been cloth-diapering our LO for a whole year! We didn't know a lot of people who used cloth when we started, but it sure has been easier than we expected! Cloth diapers feel much easier than disposables to me, since I've only handled a disposable two or three times, and they seem very unfamiliar. Besides that there are the hassles of having to buy them, and throw them away, and the psychological weight of "stuff" being used. Thinking about why we...
: I would say that especially if these things are relatively "little" you'd be best off negotiating an as is price without necessarily going into too much detail. Also, that way you can do the improvements the way you want when the place is yours. Personal experience: we had the people who owned our house do some minor-ish improvements, and some of them were done not at all to our taste (in one case, actually done incorrectly).
Thanks, I think that's it!
Welcome, Karrie! It is definitely difficult to work on a Ph.D. as a mother. From my own experience and from following this thread, I'm concluding that support from others seems to be a vital part of making it happen. I'm also beginning to think that there is an either/or choice between completing a Ph.D. on schedule and doing it well. Which will I choose?
Just wanted to put in a word for using cloth soon or right away, too. We used cloth from the start, and it made me really happy to be putting soft, friendly cloth on her little bottom instead of (what felt to me) unfriendly disposables. Since I was pretty weepy for a few weeks after she was born, anything that made me happy was good! We used flushable liners for the first week or so, since EVERYONE, even cloth-diapering siblings, warned us that newborn diapers are horrible...
That's so neat, moonfroggy! My LO (almost one) loves music too (as do her parents), and has for a long time. She's been "singing" for a few months already, but only carrying a tune occasionally and in small pieces. Her cousin who just turned two can carry a tune perfectly, so I'm curious to see if she develops that more in the next year. How old is your baby?
Yes, I'm thinking of trying to get in a couple of raised beds as soon as possible. Since I have no idea what the growing season will be there, I'm thinking I'll just try some stuff and see if it makes it in time. I'm hoping the warm soil and weather will get something like tomatoes off to a good start, and then we'll see how the long the days stay long and warm enough. Then maybe I'll see if I can get in another bed or two to be ready for next spring. I've always been...
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